Comicpalooza and GalactiCon

GalactiCon is a once-every-five-year convention devoted to fandom of the Battlestar Galactica universe. Comicpalooza and GalactiCon have teamed up in 2013 to share content and resources to provide attendees of both events the best, most exciting convention experiences possible.

GalactiCon admission will grant attendees full access to GalactiCon guests and specialized programming, as well as access to Comicpalooza guests, events and activities.

Meanwhile, Comicpalooza admission will grant attendees full access to Comicpalooza guests, events and activities, and will allow them to meet and purchase autographs from GalactiCon guests. Comicpalooza attendees may gain access to additional GalactiCon content by purchasing separate admission. You can get detailed information about GalactiCon at

Mark your calendar for CP 2016 on June 17-19.