From the twenty sided die to high-tech electronics, gaming has taken many forms, but fun is fun no matter how many HDMI cables are included or how many dragons block your path to victory. Be sure to check out the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament presented by Microsoft.

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Whether you’re here for new friends or old, come join us in the Gaming halls on the 3rd floor. We have games that take less than one hour and others that you can play for several hours at a time. Learn a new game in one of our demos or prove your worth in one of our tournaments. Find a new passion, or embrace an old love. Gaming is for everyone!

Tabletop games are located in the 3rd floor Hall C ballroom and include board games, card games, RPGs and miniatures from Pathfinder, D&D, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokèmon, HeroClix, Warhammer 40k, the Ettin Games board game library and much more! Be sure to check out the Skirmisher Games Pavilion located nearby in room 320 B&C for even more tabletop games.

Video games are located on the 3rd floor of Hall B. We have open play PC gaming and retro games, plus scheduled events for Pokkèn, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.

Look for the Hearthstone Tavern in room 310 B&C. Open play is available throughout the weekend as part of the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament presented by Microsoft and the tournament itself offers a grand prize of $1,000!

Gamemasters / Organizers

The games we offer wouldn’t be possible without those members of the community who volunteer their time to assist us. It’s thanks to them that our game program continues to thrive and grow.

Interested in joining their ranks and helping run games at Comicpalooza? Support your hobby by sharing your favorite games with others while earning free Comicpalooza admission and a T-shirt! Simply fill out our game submission form for each game you’d like to run, and a member of our staff will help get you set up. Note that you must create an account with GrowTix first, or log in to your existing GrowTix account. Check our FAQ for full details on how to qualify.



Comicpalooza is joined each year by various game companies that help provide our gaming content. These companies run games, provide panels and even send guests. Their involvement allows us to go that extra mile for our attendees.

This year, we are again joined by Skirmisher Publishing and d-Infinity, who sponsor and run the Skirmisher Games Pavilion in room 320 B&C. They are also introducing the d-Infinity Independent Game Awards program at Comicpalooza, so be sure to catch the award ceremony on Saturday night!

Also premiering at Comicpalooza 2016 is the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament presented by Microsoft in room 310 B&C. Aside from the tournament, which has a grand prize of $1,000, this event features open play throughout the weekend as well.

Get some early game time on the major upcoming release, Dreadnought, from Houston-based publisher, Grey Box in booth 217. It’s 5v5 action with some of the biggest ships you’ve ever seen

Other company-related groups providing content include Fantasy Flight‘s Flight Crew, Steve Jackson Games‘ Men in Black and Paizo‘s Pathfinder Society. Also, Queen Penguin Productions will be running a paint and take featuring Reaper miniatures and paints in the Hall C Prefunction area on the 3rd floor.

Finally, if you are a small company or game developer, be sure to check out our Indie Game Alley (IGA) program. Comicpalooza’s Indie Game Alley is a showcase of independent game developers and companies along with their products. These booths are focused on games and are located on the 3rd floor of the GRB in the main game hall. The location is chosen to give our participants the best possible focused traffic from gamers attending nearby events and to prevent being overlooked in the larger vendor hall. There is also an Electronic Indie Game Alley (or eIGA) located in the 3rd floor video game hall for those independent developers focused on electronic games.

Sponsors & Promotional Partners

Thank you for making this possible!



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