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The slams of pro-wrestling, the rush of roller derby, the soaring heights of the Monster Energy BMX Team and the whimsy of Quidditch – you won’t experience this at any other pop culture con. If spectating isn’t for you – be a participant and get your LARP on!



Monster Energy BMX Team

Tailwhips, backflips and other high-flying feats will take center stage as the Monster Energy BMX Team performs gravity-defying stunts.

Comicpalooza 2012

Roller Derby

You won’t find more attitude (or style) on four wheels! One of Comicpalooza’s consistent main attractions, watch as different regional leagues battle it out on roller skates. Experience the high adrenaline action that can only be found on the roller derby track.


Dalek Races

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Watch and cheer on different styles of Daleks as they compete and “exterminate.”

Quidditch Matches

One of the best things to come out of the Harry Potter books was the fictional sport of Quidditch. Comicpalooza has become one of the biggest conventions to showcase the amazing Quiddtich sport. Watch the fantasy brought to life as the players combat each other in this flying physical dominating game.

2016 Sports Guests


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