Comicpalooza May 22-24, 2020

2019 Comicpalooza Cosplay Contest

The contest had two Divisions: Catwalk (Walk On) and Skit.

Catwalk competitors had 30 seconds on stage and included the following categories:

Beginner was for people who have just started making their own costumes and haven’t won any awards.

Intermediate was for people who have more experience costuming and/or have won a few category or judges awards.

Advanced was for people who have won best in show/1st at another competition and/or have three or more major awards or are a professional.

Skits had 3 minutes and 30 seconds on stage.

Winners were announced after the halftime show and brought back on stage.

Please be advised that signing up for the cosplay contest is an affirmation that you agree to adhere to the rules presented on the Comicpalooza website as well as any decisions made by cosplay staff prior to, or during, Comicpalooza.

All cosplay events/panels have the potential to be photographed/filmed/recorded in some fashion. These recordings may be used in future galleries or promotions. Signing up for, and/or attending, any cosplay event is done with the understanding that recording could occur at any time and permission is tacitly given for the participant’s likeness to be used.

NEW AT THE 2019 SHOW: We simplified the pre-judging!  

In previous years we have taken two days for prejudging. At Comicpalooza 2019 we shortened that time and made the process easier for all participants. All prejudging was conducted in the hours leading up to the cosplay contest. Those who attended Comicpalooza for more than the competition had more time to enjoy the show!

2019 Comicpalooza Cosplay Competition Winners 

Best in Show - Youshimitsu 
Advanced – Best in Category - Greek Goddess Vaporeon 
Advanced – Runner Up - Kassandra 
Intermediate – Best in Category - Artorias the Abysswalker 
Intermediate – Runner Up - Fantasy Poison Ivy 
Skit – Best in Category - Tamatoa 
Skit – Runner Up - Mistress Oggie Boogie