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Comicpalooza’s gaming tournaments bring popular PC games to a competitive field of electronic battle. In 2017, we introduced Rocket League, a high-impact sports game, which joined Overwatch and League of Legends. 

For the non-competitor, or those who want to practice before combat, our Steam LAN area hosted 30-45 minute sessions with access to our library of steam and pc games, including our tournament games Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League. Gamers of all ages and skill level were encouraged to participate, with parental permission of course.

Free Play Area (320 ABC)


STEAM/LAN free play


Pre-loaded with STEAM library (Specific games will be identified soon)

Tournament games





Street Fighter 5

Marvel vs Capcom


Killer Instinct

Wii U

Super Smash Bros

Street Fighter 5

Riot’s smash hit, League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) or Action Real Time Strategy Game (A-RTS), returns to Comicpalooza. League of Legends pits five players on five players in an active, three-lane battlefield designed to test player's tactical decision making skills in real time. Players choose their characters, "Champions" from a roster tied to their accounts, and begin the process of formulating strategies based on their opponent's team composition and the roles they choose for themselves. In the Houston Rift Tournament, players will fight for control of the Summoner's Rift map, attempting to push their enemies out of their respective lanes, knock down their towers, and destroy the opposing team's Nexus (Base) to claim victory.

League Of Legends: Rated T for Teen

Rules: Summoner's Rift, 5v5, Tournament Draft

Rocket League Logo

Players must be able to play on the North American Server group and have enough champions (16) to play in the tournament draft pick on their account already. Players must go through the League of Legends event page before registering on the Battlefy.com registration page.


Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment is a team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter built around map types and role selections. Game modes change depending on the map type: an attacking team seeks to advance or take the objective from the defending team. Each team is made up of six players who divide themselves among four roles: Tank, a high durability character designed to soak attacks from enemies; Offense, high damage characters designed for meting out the lion's share of damage to enemies, but fairly weak on defense; Defense, characters designed with gimmicks for creating advantageous situations, like shield generators and automated gun turrets; and Support, characters designed with either healing, or character-specific support in mind, rather than battlefield support, rounding out the team's needs for prolonging engagements in the event they need a bit more time to secure or defend their objective.

Overwatch Logo


Overwatch: Rated T for Teen

Rules: Map Randomization, 6v6

For tournament play, players must have their own copy of Blizzard's Overwatch for their Blizzard account.


Everyone knows that rockets make everything a lot more exciting! The popular vehicular soccer game, Rocket League by Psyonix, is best described as a soccer game but with rocket powered cars capable of performing normally impossible maneuvers, adding an entirely new level of depth to an already popular sport. Enable the destruction of cars feature and make it even more fun! Destination Houston Field, the Rocket League tourney this year, is a 2v2 single elimination tourney bracket.

Rocket League Logo

Rocket League: Rated E for Everyone

Rules: 2v2, No Bots, No Mutators, Match Time: 5 Minutes, Best of 3

Although not required, it is strongly recommended that players in the Rocket League tournament have their own accounts they can sign into.