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There really was something for everyone at Comicpalooza X 2018 this year. There were panels, Q&As, and workshops that catered to interests as diverse as science & technology, anime, gaming, and more. Panels were held on the third floor of the convention center and were available to all attendees.

Common subjects with multiple panels, called tracks, allowed you to easily identify and build your Comicpalooza schedule around your favorite topics.

Anime is best known for the Japanese hand-drawn or computer stylization found in printed books called “manga” or in animation. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese, where this term references all animation without regards to the nation of origin.

Comics provides insight into the industry and on the publication, stylization, or story of comic book art and development.

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a beloved character from a movie, book, comic, or video game, across several genres and platforms, and even in challenging gender assigned roles. The true cosplayers make their own costumes, a requirement when participating in the contest.

Doctor Who, the Tardis, Dalek, that infamous scarf, and more, are discussed, analyzed and rejoiced by Whovians alike.

Entertainment includes performances, activities, and excitement designed to entertain attendees throughout the show.

Fan Groups, admirers, and advocates of a movie, television show, or video game produce sessions to share their passion with fellow enthusiasts.

Film Fest includes independent films, cult classic movies, and screenings of high budget films not yet released, or those with limited distribution.

Gaming related panels and workshops, either electronic or tabletop, are led by industry professionals.

Live Art Auction is comprised of guest artists who create works of art during a scheduled time, alongside other artists. Attendees can observe the art as it’s created, and place silent bids on completed works. Like any other gallery or art show, the night is accompanied by wine and music. Net proceeds raised from the auction go to our sponsored charity.

Literature encompasses published authors educating attendees and other authors on the many genres and stylizations of writing, and includes how to become a more accomplished author and how to get published.

Paranormal denotes phenomena such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, or supernatural events that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

Science Faction includes discoveries or inventions that are so hard to believe, they are commonly mistaken for science fiction.

Science Fiction is based on imagined future, scientific or technological advances, and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

Sports plays off of the old stories of good vs. evil with the reluctant hero victorious in the face of adversity. Comicpalooza has hosted professional wrestling, roller derby, and drone races, as well as many other uncommon competitions such as live quidditch matches and Dalek racing.

Youth is designed as part of the programming hall, this designated area is where several educational and informational panels are offered to youth 16 years of age and under, including discussions on a child’s intellectual/cognitive or social/emotional needs. Such panels and workshops include expression, drawing, coordination, cooperation, and peer socialization.