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Fantasy & Live-Action Sports

These are not the traditional sports you're looking for. Some of it is competitive, some of it is just for show, but ALL of it is entertaining. If you’ve ever wanted to watch tough and beautiful roller derby vixens, push, pull, and roll their way to a win, we’ve got it. If you like tumbling, gravity-persuading, brawny men and women in wrestling that work up a sweat for a laugh or a jeer, you will not be disappointed. Fantasy and Potter fans can cheer on the underdog or the champs depending on your preference during our Quidditch matches, or simply become part of the show with spirited swordplay!

Throughout the weekend, the Comicpalooza sports arena will be full of action and fun. Whether you come to see some of it or dive in for all three days, come and experience what you can’t anywhere else in Houston.


Pro Wrestling


Doomsday Wrestling audiences are always laughing, and usually at someone else’s expense. The first to bring together wrestling and comedy, or comedy wrestling, Doomsday was voted “Best Comedy Show” by the Houston Press. Often headliners at venues throughout the city, Doomsday entertains with physical and dramatic storylines that have included invading aliens and killer robots. To date the most popular sporting event at Comicpalooza, learn more about Doomsday at www.doomsdaywrestling.com

Hurricane Pro Wrestling is not for the weak of heart. These professional wrestlers are the best in Texas and include talent from all over the world. Since 2002 HPW has provided families memorable matches that both entertain and excite. If you enjoy hard-hitting competitions, with blood, sweat, and perhaps a few tears, this is the show for you. See more at www.hurricanepro.info


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Houston Roller Derby

Houston Roller Derby is comprised of four home teams with more than 120 skaters. The best of the best from Houston and surrounding areas will be rolling into Comicpalooza for six exhibition events over three days. Physical battles, speed, and a true competitive spirit provide the ingredients for an exhilarating clash of wills. Want to know more? Go to www.houstonrollerderby.com



Comicpalooza Roller Derby


Fantasy Sword Fighting

Dagorath provides the tools for audience participation in a safe, live action role playing environment. If you are in a lover’s quarrel, a brother’s brawl, or simply like warfare with foam swords and shields, then stop by and get into the action. It’s safe and honorable, mostly. It’s fun. And, it’s free. Learn more at https://dagorath.org


Sword Fighting


Houston Cosmos Quidditch

The Houston Cosmos is comprised of local athletes who may or may not have enjoyed the famous Harry Potter stories from which this game was inspired. It’s almost as much fun to watch as it is to play. Quidditch, in our world of muggles, combines rugby, dodgeball, and tag, with players moving throughout the field on brooms. Sounds simple, right? To further explain, we brought in this graphic from the US Quidditch organization to illustrate how it works. Don’t forget to stop by and see it for yourself.


How To Play Quidditch