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Comicpalooza reserves the right to inspect all costumes and weapons on an individual basis in order to ensure that the event remains completely safe and family-friendly.  Those who violate these rules assume all responsibility in the event of death or injury.

If you do not want to have your costume weapons/props inspected and tagged or if you are unwilling to comply with these policies, please leave those items at home. Failure to willingly comply with Comicpalooza’s official cosplay rules and weapons/prop policy may result in ejection from the convention (without a refund) and/or potential legal action, if necessary. ***All rules and regulations are subject to change. ***

All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

No functional props or weapons are allowed at Comicpalooza. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security and compliance with the following:

All costume props and weapons must be inspected at the Costume Props/Weapon Check Desk, located on the 1st floor, near the Exhibit Hall doors in the Concourse of Hall C and on the 2nd floor, near the Fed-Ex Office.  Fake or prop weapons are permitted if they are in no way dangerous to fellow attendees.

If you do not want to have your costume props inspected or tagged, or if you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume props to the convention. All costume props and weapons must be inspected at the Costume Props/Weapon Check Desk

Security will escort you to the Costume Props/Weapon Check Desk for inspection and tagging if your costume prop is not tagged and you are found within the confines of the convention.

Prohibited weapons are not permitted in the convention. Prohibited weapons include the following: An instrument, including a nunchaku, that consists of two or more sticks, clubs, bars or rods to be used as handles, connected by a rope, cord, wire or chain, in the design of a weapon used in connection with the practice of a system of self-defense, self-defense weapons, i.e., pepper spray, mace, stun guns, Tasers and skateboards. This also includes signs that are not integral to the costume. No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials are allowed.

All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns, water guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted. Additionally, they must be inoperable and unable to fire any projectile and the ends painted orange to make it identifiable as a prop weapon. NOTE THAT NO ACTUAL FIREARMS ARE PERMITTED INSIDE THE CON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THIS INCLUDES ANY FIREARM, (HANDGUN, RIFLE, AUTOMATIC RIFLE, “ASSAULT STYLE” RIFLE, MACHINE GUN or SHOTGUN), EVEN IF THE WEAPON HAS BEEN DISABLED, RENDERED UNUSABLE OR DE-ACTIVATED.

All weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons and must be constructed from safe, lightweight material. Approved materials are: rubber, plastic (PVC, etc.), foam, cardboard and papier-mâché.

Nerf guns are allowed, but ammunition of any kind (foam or otherwise) is prohibited. Nerf guns must pass prop/weapons check and will have triggers zip-tied to prevent guns from firing.

Plastic air-soft guns are permitted with several requirements: No ammunition or projectiles of any kind will be allowed. Air-soft guns must be rendered completely inoperable beforehand, meaning the gun shall not have any batteries installed, nor gas/propellant in the chamber. All air-soft guns must have a clearly visible orange tip on the barrel. All air-soft guns will be marked by security at weapons/prop check desk and have their triggers zip-tied to ensure that the gun is incapable of firing.

After your costume props have been checked, they will be tagged by security, and you will be given a wristband to wear to designate that your props have been checked. Once your weapon(s) have been inspected, do not remove the tag for any reason. If you return to the event each day, you will need to visit the Prop Check Desk EACH DAY for a new tag & wristband.

Costume bows are allowed, but must be unstrung so that they cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. Prop arrows are permitted, as long as they are not sharply tipped, cannot be fired, are made of approved materials and would not conceivably hurt anyone.

Functional (real) arrows must have their tips removed and be bundled and zip-tied to, or inside a quiver.
Metal weapons of any kind are forbidden, including hammers, scissors (including “safety scissors”), screwdrivers, saws, chains, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, shields, X-Men-style claws, handcuffs and the like. No “actual steel” is allowed, such as metal swords, knifes or blades of any kind. If you have any of these types of weapons with your costume, please make sure they are made out of approved materials.

Costume swords/daggers made from approved materials are allowed, but may not have any sharp edges. Wooden swords are allowed with no sharp edges or tips, but must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed. Security will zip-tie swords to their sheaths whenever possible, to ensure that they cannot be drawn. If you wish to draw your sword to pose for a picture, it must be made of approved materials. Metal blades are not allowed, whether they are sheathed or not.

Items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times. These items will be subject to a weapons/prop check.

Staffs (staves), similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings,” for instance, will be allowed, if they are used for walking and/or decoration, and not as a weapon. Wooden staffs are allowed, but must be lightweight and may not have any sharpened edges or tips. All staffs must be inspected by security.

Incendiary or flammable weapons are prohibited, including any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting.

Any real weapons purchased or won that would normally be prohibited by the weapons policy, such as pocket knives, swords, etc., must remain in their original packaging and/or taken out of the convention as soon as possible. Actual metal blade weapons purchased will NOT be permitted to remain inside the convention.  If security finds you inside the Con with an unpackaged, actual weapon, you will be escorted out of the Con. 

Bags and backpacks are allowed, but are subject to a bag check at the discretion of Comicpalooza staff and security.