2022 Autograph and Photo Ops

Celebrity guests that make you laugh, cry, cheer, and boo come to Comicpalooza every year. Don’t miss your opportunity to see an exciting panel full of important questions or, better yet, meet them in person and get a memorable photo, autograph, or both!

We bring in keepsake experts, Epic Photo Ops, to ensure these once-in-a-lifetime photos and autographs become a souvenir you can show off for years to come. You can take your chance at the show or, for those that prefer to plan you're itinerary early, reserve a time in advance. A limited number are available so purchase early! Each photo is printed on an 8 x 10 glossy paper.

Below are the photograph and autograph costs. Prices are subject to change, particularly show weekend, with the latest and most accurate prices stated by Epic. Extra photo prints are available for a nominal fee. Please see Epic’s website on the latest information regarding how many people are allowed in the photo and helpful safety tips for photo time.

Guests that are not listed on the Epic Photo Ops website for photo ops and/or autographs will be taking payment at their booth at the event.

Pricing is subject to change.

Film and Television GuestsPro Photo OpsSelfieAutographsCombo Price
Hale Appleman$70N/A$50N/A
Summer Bishil$70N/A$50N/A
Ben Browder$70N/A$40N/A
Alice Cooper**$80N/A$60N/A
Terry Crews$140N/A$130N/A
Christopher Eccleston$100N/A$100N/A
Carlos Ferro$50N/A$50$80
Joe Flanigan$70N/A$40N/A
Karen Fukuhara$50N/A$50N/A
Jackie Earle Haley$80


Kyle MacLachlan$100


Adam "Hangman" Page*$55N/A$40N/A
Robert Patrick$80


Lance Reddick$75


Michael Shanks$70N/A$40N/A
Sgt. Slaughter$40N/A$40$60
The Magicians: Hale + Trevor + Stella $165N/AN/AN/A
The Magicians: Hale Appleman + Trevor Einhorn$125N/AN/AN/A
Stargate: Ben Browder + Michael Shanks$130N/AN/AN/A
Stargate: Ben Browder + Joe Flanigan + Michael Shanks$180N/AN/AN/A
Anime GuestsSelfieAutographsCombo
Zach Aguilar***$40$40$60
Justin Cook$40$40$60
David Matranga$40$40$60
Emily Neves$40$40$60
Trina Nishimura$40$40$60
Chris Wehkamp$40$40$60

*Adam "Hangman" Page will sell autographs for $50 on figures and belts.
**Alice Cooper will sell autographs for $100 per musical instrument, $100 per sketch.
***Zach Aguilar will sell autographs for $50 on large print, $60 on Funko.