Danny Trejo

Known For: Sons of Anarchy, American Gods, Breaking Bad, The Flash, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, Desperado, Machete Series, Heat, Con Air, From Dusk Til Dawn series, Spy Kids

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Danny Trejo has developed a prolific career in the entertainment industry with a hard-earned and atypical road to success. From years of imprisonment to helping troubled youth battle drug addictions, from acting to producing, and now on to restaurant ventures, Trejo’s name, face, and achievements are well recognized in Hollywood and beyond, but it is his continuous role as a devoted father of three and an intervention counselor that bring him the most satisfaction.

Trejo has starred in dozens of films including Desperado, Heat, the From Dusk Til Dawn series, Con Air, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids, Machete, and Machete Kills. On the television side, Trejo had recurring roles on Sons of Anarchy, King of the Hill, Breaking Bad, and The Flash, among others. In the 3rd season of American Gods, Danny played the character of “Mr. World”. Additionally, Trejo has starred in and voiced various popular video games like Call of Duty, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, and Def Jam. Trejo is also a regular on the talk show Animal Talking; A virtual talk show based on the popular Animal Crossing game where Danny gives tours of his virtual island in a segment called “Danny’s Island”. Danny’s colorful life and prolific career are chronicled in the bio-documentary Inmate #1 released in 2020.