Melissa Algood

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Melissa Algood is a true-crime-obsessed dyslexic who read Helter Skelter and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one sitting. Although not at the same time. She writes what she likes to read: thrilling romances about a blood thirsty assassin seeking revenge, coming-of-age tales, and short fiction that will give you nightmares. She revisits her home state of Maryland, and rewrites 2020 with a sci-fi twist in the Enhanced Being series which follows a group of super powered 20 somethings as they try to break free from their malevolent creator. Melissa’s a hairstylist in the real world and lives with her longtime love, Izzy, and Madame Bijou, their tuxedo cat. To find out more, including where she’s next signing books, check out

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