Michael Shanks

Known For: Stargate SG-1, Call of the Wild, Andromeda, The Outer Limits

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Michael Shanks, perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1 starred as John Brady in the Emmy Award-winning dramatic telefilm Door to Door with William H. Macy and Helen Mirren. Shanks has also appeared in the film Call of the Wild with Rutger Hauer.

For his portrayal of Jackson, Shanks has been nominated for several awards over the years. In 2004, he won the Leo Award for Best Performance by a Male Lead and was nominated for a Saturn Award. Shanks has also hopped behind the camera on Stargate, making his directorial debut with the episode Double Jeopardy in Season 4. In Season 7, he co-wrote the episode Evolution (Pt 1) with Damian Kindler.

In addition to Stargate SG-1, Shanks has guest starred on a number of television series, including a Daniel Jackson turn in Stargate: Atlantis, as well as Andromeda and The Outer Limits. His television movie credits include a lead role in UPN's telefilm Escape to Mars and NBC's A Family Divided.