Stanley G. Love

Known For: NASA Astronaut

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Dr. Stanley G. Love was selected as a NASA astronaut in 1998. He has a master of science degree and doctorate of philosophy from the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2008, Dr. Love flew aboard STS-122 to deliver and install the European Space Agency's Columbus module to the International Space Station. While onboard, Dr. Love performed two spacewalks to prepare for the installation, added two science payloads and carried a failed ISS gyroscope to the shuttle for return to Earth. He currently works as a crew representative for the Space Launch System (SLS) and continues to help plan for human exploration of asteroids, the moon, and Mars.

Fun Facts:
- Love lived and worked in space for more than 12 days to help build the orbiting ISS complex, all while traveling 17,500 mph.
- Love traveled 5,296,832 statute miles and made 203 Earth orbits.
- Unrelated to NASA, he’s been recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.

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