Tabletop Gaming

Friends and family are welcome to enjoy spirited fun…or join a friendly game of competition.

Are you lucky? How about strategic? Do you like games of chance or skill? The tabletop gaming area offered a wide selection of scheduled gaming tournaments as well as a number of free to play games provided by Dragon’s Lair. The Pathfinder and Starfinder Societies were in attendance so active members could advance to the next level.

Are you unsure about what tabletop game to pick? Perhaps you have not read the rules to the game? Our onsite gaming docents can help you select a game based on your interests. These volunteers have extensive knowledge about gaming, and they are available to teach and encourage play.

Game Masters from The Pathfinder Society of Houston Game ran games for both veterans and newbies alike throughout the weekend. In addition, several independent game masters shared their own games, including a Dungeons and Dragons game for younger children and their parents!

This is how we roll!