Do you want to win a FREE board game?! Check out the Play-To-Win area in the Tabletop Gaming room (Room 361F, 3rd Floor) hosted by The Adventure Begins!

Never heard of a Play-to-win and wondering what it is? Follow these simple steps:

1. Choose from a selection of over 60 game titles spread between 34 different publishers.

2. Sign up through The Adventure Begins to play the game of your choice.

3. HAVE FUN! Sit down with your friends and enjoy playing a new game or a familiar favorite.

4. Return on Sunday at 4 PM for the drawing to find out if you win a FREE copy of any of the games you played throughout the weekend!

You can play any number of games and sign up for as many as you play. Limit to one entry per game title. All prize support for Play-To-Win is provided by Double Exposure – Envoy Program and their publisher partnerships. Prizes MUST be claimed in person by the winners at the time of the drawing. Prizes not claimed are forfeit and will be used in future Comicpalooza events.

Check out the full list of games and publishers below:

R&R Games
Score Cards
Bug Off!
Ferrett Out
Thames & Kosmos
Inside Job
High Score
Indie Boards and Cards
Crossed Words
Werewirds Deluxe
Steve Jackson Games
Pathfinder Revolution
Groo: The Game
Smirk & Dagger Games
The Spill
The Deadlies
Lucky Duck Games
Tidal Blades: Banner Festival
Small Islands
Grandpa Beck's Games
Toil & Troublez
Another Man's Treasure
Red Raven Games
Knight Fall


Facade Games
Hollywood 1947
Devir Games
LUNA Capital
Savernake Forest

Castle Party

Adam's Apple Games
Four Humours
Genius Games
Ecosystem: Savanna
First in Fight
Jack Labrador Games
Jack Labrador
Chip Theory Games
20 Strong
Weird Giraffe Games
Studies in Sorcery
Gift of Tulips
Underdog Games
Trekking Through History
Left Justified Studio
Broken and Beautiful
Cooking Customers
Kill the Unicorns
Wattsalpoag Games
Echidna Shuffle
A Fistful of Penguins
Claim It!
Ninja Star Games
Capstone Games
Juicy Fruits
Floodgate Games
Everything Ever
The Op – usaopoly
Dragon Dawn Productions
White Hat
Forbidden Games
Raccoon Tycoon
Faeries & Magical Creatures
Restoration Games
Unmatched: Marvel Redemption Row
Unmatched: Marvel Hell’s Kitchen
Spicy Dice
Arcane Wonders
Picture Perfect
Phantom Ink
Avant Carde
Breaking Games
Letter Tycoon
Ares Games
Masters of the Night
Hunt for the Ring
Inside Up Games
Gorus Maximus
The Quick and the Undead
Skytear Games
Skytear Horde
Brexwerx Games
Portal Games
Dreadful Circus
Bad Comet
Life of the Amazonia
Draco Studios
Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala
Regroup! Chicken Army
Hasty Baker