Buyers Guide

Buyer's Guide

Knowing what to buy in order to have the experience you want can be tricky. We want to make it easy. Comicpalooza is a big show with something for everyone, or at least it seems that way. All of our admission passes provide access to celebrity panels, shopping, fan experiences, gaming, and much more. For helpful tips on how to prepare for the largest pop culture festival in Texas, click here. Below is a quick guide on what you can buy and what you need to know when making your decisions.

Getting Into the Show

Comicpalooza has two different types of tickets: General Admission and VIP. Ticket price increases will be announced at different times.

General Admission

Attendees can choose from a weekend pass, Friday pass, Saturday pass or a Sunday pass. Each general pass will give you access to:

  • Every part of the public event including the exhibit hall for shopping, exhibits, special attractions and celebrity photo and autograph opportunities (separate purchase necessary);
  • Access to the celebrity panels, gaming, kids’ areas, the Cosplay contest, tabletop gaming, shows, and on and on. Some special events may cost extra but will always be clearly marked.

VIP Passes

VIP passes give fans extra perks and benefits throughout the event including:

  • Weekend admission to Comicpalooza
  • Exclusive VIP Badge
  • VIP Concierge Check-In
  • VIP section at the Friday Night Bash
  • VIP bar line at the Friday Night Bash
  • VIP section at the Friday Night Texas All Star Wrestling matches
  • Early access to the Exhibit floor 30 minutes before it opens to the public
  • Access to VIP only lines for major attractions with entry into celebrity panels first, and presumably shorter and faster-moving autograph and photograph lines*
  • VIP swag bag
  • Comicpalooza collectors pin
  • $5 off T-shirt coupon for the Comicpalooza merch booth
  • 48-hour guarantee access to purchase celebrity photographs and autographs once they go on sale (If a celebrity photograph/autograph is sold out within the first 48 hours of it going on sale, VIPs will still be able to purchase, but only within the first 48 hours. Email within the first 48 hours for the opportunity to still purchase)
  • Early timeslot for your celebrity photograph
  • And more!
    * All VIPs do not go before the general admission pass holders in the autograph/photograph area, but the shorter lines for VIPs are distributed proportionately in favor of the VIPs so the wait is minimized.

Speed Passes

  • 3-day passes that offer all of the same benefits as General Admission, however, they are tied to a celebrity guest or guests
  • 30-minute early access to the Exhibit Hall and VIP line access to the celebrity guest(s) panels, autograph and photograph opportunities (separate purchase necessary) associated with the pass
  • Speed Passes will be announced throughout the season along with the celebrity guest(s)
  • There are a limited number of Speed Passes available
  • Since Speed Passes are tied to guests, a refund may be possible if one or more cancel. Please consult each pass description in the registration system to review the criteria.

Swaps and Upgrades:

If you purchase an individual day pass or weekend pass, you have the option to swap your days or upgrade to a more costly pass, like VIP or a Speed Pass. If the pass you swap for is less than your original pass, you are not granted a refund for the difference. If the price is more than your original pass, you will need to pay the difference for the swap.

To swap or upgrade, please email and provide the following information:

  • The email address used to purchase the pass or your order confirmation number
  • The specific pass on the order you want to upgrade and what you would like to upgrade the pass to

Once the upgrade is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your new pass information.

*Note: When swapping or upgrading, the original ticket purchase will be refunded to the attendee's original form of payment and the new ticket amount will be charged.

Photographs and Autographs:

Photographs and autographs are not included in the price of your passes. Some similar shows provide packages, we like to let you customize what you want to do, and to pay accordingly. Costs associated with autographs and photographs, as well as availability, are published closer to the event and announced on social media and via the Comicpalooza eNewsletter. There are a limited number available for some.

Please note, while all photographs are available for pre-sale as well as at the show if not sold out, some autographs are only available at the show.


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