2022 Badge Art Winners

Badge Art Winners

Each year, we select a handful of Artist Alley artists to have their unique artwork displayed on our badges for hundreds of patrons to wear, you can also visit their booth on the exhibition floor and discover some of their pop-culture art.

Check out who our 2022 winning artists were:

EWAcats – Booth # 2301

Website: www.EWAcats.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: EWAcats

Angel Egle Wierenga is known as a Pop Culture Cat and Fantasy Artist. Angel came to the United States from Lithuania in 1999. Here she met her husband Daniel, and now her business partner of EWAcats (AngelSVisionS LLC). At their booth, you will find a lot of amazing and out-of-this-world Pop Culture Cat Art! Angel and Dan sell Original Paintings, high-quality art prints, limited and open edition canvases, merchandise including mouse pads, collectible art coasters, buttons, magnets, purses, accessories, and much more!

Juan Castro: Booth #2425

Website: http://www.instagram.com/juancastrotx
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Juan Castro

Juan Castro is an American digital artist, best known for creating poster prints of mashups from elements of pop culture. Apart from poster prints, Juan has been involved in several projects such as artwork for music albums, logos, billboards, stickers and shirts. Currently, Juan Castro is a graphic designer and digital creator. Physical prints of his artwork can only be purchased at comic conventions. You can find all his work at @juancastrotx on Instagram

Art by Ash: Booth #2600

Website: https://www.instagram.com/fineartbyash
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Art by Ash

Ash Gonzales was a graphic designer for 12 years and worked for Disney as an artist and cast member opening the star wars park until late 2019. Currently, Ash is a freelance artist creating celebrity covers and oil paintings. Ash is now a sketch card artist for Upper Deck and has done such sets as Marvel Masterpieces, Marvel Black Diamond, Crow, Outer Space, and a Dinosaur line. You can visit all his work at @fineartbyash on Instagram

Geek in the Paint: Booth #3031

Website: Www.instagram.com/geekinthepaint
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Geekinthepaint

Alexis Pilato, also known as GeekinthePaint, is a born and raised artist from Houston, Texas. She does both digital and traditional artwork. She creates stickers, prints, t-shirts, hoodies, cups, and keychains. If she can make something nerdy and colorful, she is on it.

Robert (Bob The Artist) Luedke: Booth #2116

Website: https://bobtheartist.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Bob The Artist

Robert (Bob The Artist) Luedke, has been involved with the comic industry since the mid-1990s, as a publisher, writer, inker, colorist, and illustrator. His Eye Witness graphic novel series (2004-2010) took home 5 different Indy Book Awards. The eclectic collection of pop culture-based prints and posters, based on his illustrations, are always one of the highlights of any convention he attends!

Mega Mouse Arts: Booth #2316

Website: https://megamousearts.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Mega Mouse Arts

Mega Mouse Arts is the business of Megan Staba, a self-taught seventeen-year-old artist from Texas. She has been drawing all her life, sketching her own characters and fantastical creatures as well as characters from books, movies, fandoms, and anime. She works mostly in graphite, Prismacolor pencil, digital mediums, and her style is inspired by Japanese manga and anime. You can find her art at Renaissance fairs and conventions and online at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt.

Dimension Comics: Booth #2924

Website: http://www.dimension-comics.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Dimension Comics

Jay Gillespie is from Katy, TX and started Dimension Comics in 2017. So far, Dimension Comics publishes "Severed Souls" and is developing "Meanstreak", both created by Jay; next "The Journal" is created and written by Johnie Busa, artwork by John Hawkins; and last but not least "SunDog" created and drawn by Brian Salinas. Each of these books will all be available this year at CP2022! Starting out, Jay wanted to break into comics as an artist and decided to create a graphic novel to hone and refine his sequential art skills. What started out as an 80-page graphic novel soon ballooned into a 12-issue series (Severed Souls). Carried-away much? As a result, Jay began to realize his real love of comics was in the storytelling. Art is still a huge passion, as is evident by all the fanart available at conventions, but the love of storytelling, character- and world-building has all but taken over the true passion for the craft. As of today, he's working on Issue #11 of Severed Souls, still doing all the work himself, and re-editing a few of the early comics to compile them together into trade paperbacks which he hopes to have on sale at CP2022, as well! We hope to see you there!

Riftway Games: Booth #2940

Website: www.riftwaygames.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Riftway Games

Riftway Games is a Texas indie board game publishing company owned by local designer Derek Zyn. Telling unique stories through creative works has been Derek’s lifelong passion and being able to share them is a blessing. Since our humble beginning in 2017, Riftway Games has launched 2 successful Kickstarters for “Beasts: Edge of Extinction” and its first expansion “Revenge of the Dodos” with a new series entitled "The Unluckables" set for a late 2022 campaign. We are always excited to play all of these titles with Comicpalooza guests right in our booth!

Alisha Volkman, the amazingly talented artist behind the pen of the Alien Abduction artwork, is a full-time illustrator focusing primarily on tabletop games. She has been creating artwork within the industry since 2012, independently launched 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns, and won multiple game design contests. Her uncanny ability to bring the creatures of Beasts: Edge of Extinction to life is a testament to her creative talents. Learn more about her work at www.alishadoesart.com

Davy Jones - Charmy's Army: Booth #3106

Website: www.CharmysArmy.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Davy Jones Charmy's Army

Davy Jones is a graphic designer by day and by night, he is the creator of the hit comic strip Charmy's Army which follows a troop of army ants and a monkey at Fort Hill in Antlanda. Charmy's Army has been running in newspapers across the United States for nearly seven years. Blessed with the ability to draw anything, Davy doodles up amazing fan art using his own unique drawing style. To stay up to speed on Davy's comic strip and to see his cool fan art, follow him on Instagram at @charmysarmy.

Son of a Bot: Booth #2711

Website: http://www.sonofabot.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Son of a Bot

Son of a Bot is the passion project of artist duo Justin Chase Black and Michael Verastigui. Established in 2006, Son of a Bot juxtaposes their traditional art background with their love of all things pop culture and alternative movie posters to create original works of art that are guaranteed to get your nostalgia feelings flowing.