2023 Badge Art Winners

Badge Art Winners

Each year, we select a handful of Artist Alley artists to have their unique artwork displayed on our badges for hundreds of patrons to wear, where you could have visited their booth on the exhibition floor and discovered some of their pop-culture art.

Check out who our 2023 winning artists are:


Website: www.EWAcats.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: EWAcats

Angel Egle Wierenga is known as a Pop Culture Cat and Fantasy Artist. Angel came to the United States from Lithuania in 1999. Here she met her husband Daniel, and now her business partner of EWAcats (AngelSVisionS LLC). At their booth, you will find a lot of amazing and out-of-this-world Pop Culture Cat Art! Angel and Dan sell Original Paintings, high-quality art prints, limited and open edition canvases, merchandise including mouse pads, collectible art coasters, buttons, magnets, purses, accessories, and much more!

BLX Featuring the Art of Damon Bowie
Website: https://www.blxclusive.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: BLX Exclusives

Born and raised in the cultural melting pot that is the city of New Orleans, Bowie has been a professional artist since the age of 16. He has worked in the Design and Illustration field in New Orleans for the largest fabricator to the Entertainment Industry in the Gulf South, Kern Studios. As Art Director and Chief of Creative Design he has helped create parades, sculpture, and elaborate settings for commercial clients, theme parks, resorts and private organizations for over 18years. Throughout that time, he has made a supplemental living with efforts including comic book projects as well as many Art Prints he made available for public sale.

These days, Bowie has been busy as a Conceptual artist, as well doing tons of personal Commissions for clients all over the world. Among his clients are Upper Deck, Marvel and Heritage publishing. On the comic con circuit for 16 years, Bowie also does projects for trading cards, book publishers and fine art purveyors.

Bobby Ramos - Ramos Renditions

Website: https://www.instagram.com/ramosrenditions
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Ramos Renditions

Ramos Renditions is a local Houston based art collective that focuses on bringing its patrons a wide variety while keeping the quality of our products top notch. Making sure our supporters are happy knowing they are coming away with great works for the best prices! Bobby Ramos the proud creator of the Renditions team has brought together a solid group of artists that each specialize in their own art form. This allows our customers a one stop shop experience and collaborative pieces that are sure to shine in any collection.

Art by Ash

Website: www.instagram.com/fineartbyash
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Art by Ash

Ash Gonzales was a graphic designer for 12 years and worked for Disney as an artist and cast member opening the Star Wars Park until late 2019. Currently, Ash is a freelance artist creating celebrity covers and oil paintings. Ash is now a sketch card artist for Upper Deck and has done such sets as Marvel Masterpieces, Marvel Black Diamond, Crow, Outer Space, and a Dinosaur line. You can visit all his work at @fineartbyash on Instagram.

BlueOneThirty Art

Website: www.Battyjuice.com
Artist Profile: BlueOneThirtyArt

Inspired by her illustrative and graffiti background, Blue’s works present a pop explosion through images of strong female characters. Heavily referenced are her obsessions with the macabre, comics, sci-fi, mysticism, and horror. Blue uses these pop culture references to chronicle her life experiences.

Blue is the owner of “Battyjuice”, a new creative collective that produces accessories, home décor, and merchandise created by Blue and other featured designers. Based locally out of Hardy and Nance Studios, you can visit Blue’s work year- round, or check her out on IG @blueonethirty and @battyjuice13.


Website: Lintr.ee/theartinwar
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Theartinwar

Born with a pencil in hand, Shawn Machie AKA TheArtInWar, was destined to be an artist. After graduating high school, Shawn attended college where he learned the skills of graphic design and printing which is now his current primary profession. If you visit his booth, you’ll mostly find anime-related artwork, but he makes sure to add a little something for everyone.

Mega Mouse Arts

Website: www.megamousearts.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Mega Mouse Arts

Mega Mouse Arts is the business of Megan Staba, a self-taught artist from Texas. She has been drawing all her life, sketching her own characters and fantastical creatures as well as characters from books, movies, fandoms, and anime. She works mostly in graphite, Prismacolor pencil, digital mediums, and her style is inspired by Japanese manga and anime. You can find her art at Renaissance fairs and conventions and online at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt.


Website: https://www.shopjust2artists.com/
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Just2artists

Whitney Barrett is a Houston based artist and graphic designer, who has been creating for as long as she can remember. Together with her husband Jose Muniz, they form Just2Artists, a small business specializing in all things pop culture. They believe the nerdier the better and carry a little bit of every fandom, from anime to horror. They started exhibiting at conventions in 2015, learning and taking on different projects ever since. They mostly create various art, from traditional, digital, and even 3D works.

Happy Taco Studio

Website: www.instagram.com/happytacostudio
Exhibitor Booth Profile: HappyTacoStudio

Rachel is a British Artist who has lived in Texas for 10 years. She and her Husband Curtis love making pop culture art and sharing it with people at conventions all over the US. Rachel’s favorite media is 3D diorama making but she occasionally picks up a paintbrush to add unique details to each piece she creates. Happy Taco Studio is best known for its colorful terrariums and is excited to share our love of pop culture fandom and art with all of you!

Chris Seaman Illustration Studio, LLC

Website: www.ChrisSeamanArt.com
Exhibitor Booth Profile: Chris Seaman Illustration Studio

Chris is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. He has been working in hobby games for over two decades. His client list includes Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment, Paizo Publishing, Activision, Hasbro Inc., Beachhead Studios and Warner Brothers Studio. He currently has been a staple artist on Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Skylanders and has worked on several board games from around the world. Chris was honored with the Silver award from Spectrum Fantastic Art annual in 2016. He currently resides in Plano, TX raising chickens with his amazing girlfriend and partner Loli Poison.

Art by Al Molina

Website: http://al-molina.pixels.com

Exhibitor Booth Profile: Art by Al Molina

Al Molina is an artist based out of Corpus Christi, he has made his mark in the Art World by bringing his unique vision and style to his paintings, Making his work highly recognizable, His goal is to bring the beauty of art to everyone and make them fans by showing them things they love, recognize and can relate to.
Al has worked with school teachers and has visited schools to teach simple techniques to inspire creativity in the hopes to inspire young artists. He can be found on all platforms of social media promoting his work and has sold several pieces throughout the United States, Canada and Europe making him international recognizable. His vision is to Keep Art Alive for future generations to come and if he can touch just one person to pick up a brush and create then it will make what he does all worth it.

Art of Brian LaCaze

Website: www.brianlacaze.com

Exhibitor Booth Profile: Art of Brian LaCaze

Brian LaCaze is a Houston native and self-taught freelance artist who specializes in both digital and traditional mediums. By pulling inspiration from horror movies, comics, and other pop culture he creates high quality art prints and custom commissioned pieces. A newcomer to the con circuit, he’s looking to network and find new opportunities to create and share new art. If you visit his booth he’ll happily chat you up on a variety of pop culture subjects. Check out his Instagram page @sirdrawsalot.

Angela Talley Smith

Exhibitor Booth Profile: Angela Talley Smith

Angela Talley Smith has always loved making art, with some of her biggest inspiration coming from growing up on Disney animated movies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Animation, and has spent several years doing freelance illustration as well as selling work at Comic Conventions. You can see more of her work on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/angelamermaidsmithart.