Dusk and After Dark Activities

The festivities didn't end after the sun set. In fact, the party was just getting started! Learn more about our night activities that took place:

Friday Night Rave

We switched things up with the debut of the Friday Night Rave featuring a killer lineup of anime DJs from Club Kaiju. Kenzie Black, Kawaii Club, Reno Loves You and C-Vince amped the crowds with their enthralling mixes, each DJ incorporated their own unique style and some of your favorite anime series and characters. There were eccentric lights, an illuminating dance floor, good vibes, and most of all, an amazing time as we went into Comicpalooza weekend. This event was 18+.

Friday Night Wrestling

Texas All-Star Wrestling returned Friday night! Attendees cheered on for their favorite wrestlers as they battled it out for the Comicpalooza Dragon Belt.

Retro World Series

Retro World Series took it back! Attendees sat in on tournaments or partook in open-play games. There were plenty of titles to choose from including Halo: Combat, Mario Kart 64, Def Jam, and Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate Werewolf Houston

All weekend long Ultimate Werewolf hosted their ever-popular social deduction game. Game-play happened over a series of rounds with each round consisting of a “day” phase and a “night” phase. The rounds continued until either the werewolf team is takes over the village (wolves win) or, all wolves have been eliminated from the game (village wins). New and experienced players were welcomed.

Mix n’ Mingle

Fans met other fans, creatives, cosplayers, writers and gamers at the Saturday Night Mix n' Mingle!

It was a casual evening of expanding your friend group and forging new connections. A DJ was onsite spinning some of your favorite tunes (new and old) as artists showcased their skills while creating art and a friendship bracelet station was be available for all. You could have ran into some staff members also to get your burning questions about Comicpalooza answered.

Cosplay Contest

Fans cheered on participating cosplayers during the annual Comicpalooza Cosplay Contest and saw incredible costumes of characters you loved and maybe some that were unexpected as well!

The Kendolls Burlesque Show

The Ken Dolls innovative and dynamic burlesque show left fans in awe with their expertly-crafted performance that combined singing, martial arts, fire, pole, and aerial arts.

Sassterpiece Theater Not That Dune

Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet. Premier movie-mocking group Sassterpiece Theatre returned to Comicpalooza for their live comedy commentary of DUNE! No, not DUNE. Not even *that* DUNE. The Sassters riffed and cracked wise against the ultra-rare “Alan Smithee” version of what was formerly a David Lynch movie. Fans ended the convention day with 90 minutes of belly laughs.

Inked Magic

Attendees determined for themselves if it was magic, superpowers, or something else entirely as the Inked Magician shared stories about his life as a magician while bending metal like Magneto, reading minds like Xavier, and much more.

Cult 45 Presents SAGA - A Live Comic Reading

A live comic reading was done by the host's of Cult 45 the Movie podcast and Podcaster alike. Fans listened to a SFW version of SAGA issue one and participated for prizes.

Back to the Future Podcast Live

"Back to the Future: The Podcast Live" hosted by Brad Gilmore was a must-attend event for fans at Comicpalooza! The podcast featured Brad and a panel of special guests diving deep into the iconic "Back to the Future" trilogy.

DJ R3NEGADE Presents Pop Culture Remix - A Guess that Geeky Song Game Show

Attendees were ready for the ultimate pop culture showdown with the panel: "Pop Culture Remix Challenge!" It's like "Name that Tune" on steroids, and featured 20 remixes of iconic TV, movie, and video game tunes from genres like Anime, 80s Cartoon Theme Songs, and Sci-Fi.

Cult 45 Presents Cards Against Humanity

Cult 45 the Movie Podcast, played a game... a large scale of Cards Against Humanity. There were three rounds of play that came down to a grand prize winner. Prizes were given after each round. 18+ panel