Literature at Comicpalooza covers a wide variety of genres. Ranging in topics, published novelists will share their insights and experiences. Aspiring authors and literary enthusiasts can attend a critique workshop, gain exposure within the industry, engage in entertaining and didactic discussions, enjoy presentations on popular topics, and meet accomplished writers.

Literature Guests

Types of Literature Events

Author-Led Panels and Q&A
Do you want to ask a writer where their brilliant idea came from – or learn the process that sparks their creative genius? Are you inquisitive, do you have a lot of inquiries, or, perhaps, you simply want to sit and listen to a professional author you admire? Fans will be given the opportunity to attend one of our many panels while authors discuss the wonderful worlds of literature.

Fan Roundtables
By fans, for fans, with fans! Have the opportunity to join your fellow readers for a rousing, interactive discussion including YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fan Fiction and Thrillers: good, bad and ugly.


First-Ten-Pages Critique Workshop
Would you like critical feedback from professional editors to help you become a better, more well-rounded writer? Can you handle both honest praise and criticism? If yes, then join us for our First-Ten-Pages Critique Workshop where you can expect direct and actionable feedback to help make sure the arguably, most important part of your query packet will keep prospective agents interested in working with you.

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