Special Attractions

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2023 Special Attractions

The Star Wars Alliance

The Star Wars Alliance is a group of Star Wars centered fan groups who believe in 3 pillars: to promote interest in Star Wars, to facilitate the use of costumes, and to contribute to the community as a whole.

Itasha Showdown: A Car Runway Experience

The coolest cars on the block returned to Comicpalooza! Themed with beloved anime and other pop-culture fandoms, this sight was one to see.

Full Steel Combat

Knights are a part of the fantasy psyche as much as dragons and tyrant kings. Have you ever wanted to watch knights participate in melee combat, to hear the ringing of steel and the clashing of swords? You could have watched Full Steel Combat at the U.S. Army Combat Theater all weekend and rooted for their favorite knights!

LEGO - Houston Brick Club

At Comicpalooza, you could have checked out custom LEGO creations from local builders centering on Star Wars, Comic, Pop Culture, and Fantasy-related themes. Each creation was on a custom display for Comicpalooza attendees to enjoy and photograph. Also, a magnificent mosaic was built and displayed onsite by and for the community.


Did you ever want to drive a giant robot armed to the teeth with lasers, cannons, and missiles to own the battlefield? Mech Corps let you fight one on one, free for all, or against the computer in these pods created uniquely for this game.

The Comicpalooza Podcast Program

With a multitude of diverse podcasts getting their ‘geek on’, the Comicpalooza Podcast Program entered another year of liveliness. The program hosted sessions throughout the weekend with educational panels, game shows, live podcasts, covering various pop culture topics, and exclusive panels featuring special guests.

Red Carpet Experiences

You could have made your presence known and your cosplay shine. We provided you the star treatment with several red carpet experiences around the show that gave you the opportunity to strut the red carpet like the superstar you are.

Renegade the Supernatural Tribute Impala

Spanning 15 seasons and countless fans worldwide, Renegade is the vehicle of choice for the main heroes of the hit TV series Supernatural.

Ultimate Werewolf

All weekend long Ultimate Werewolf hosted their ever-popular social deduction game. Game-play happened over a series of rounds with each round consisting of a “day” phase and a “night” phase. The rounds continued until either the werewolf team had overtaken the village (wolves win) or, all wolves have been eliminated from the game (village wins). New and experienced players were welcome.

The Collection

A mysterious collector came to Comicpalooza to show off their impressive wares for attendees to inspect and take photos of.

RC Car Expo

The RC Car Expo was a 1:28 MiniZ Racing & 1:10 Drift Car Experience that excited and intrigued the nerd, geek, or weeb in you.

Houston Public Library Planetarium

You could have gone on a journey through space without leaving the city! Participants learned about the wonders of the night sky in HPL's inflatable planetarium dome. The exhibit also included information about the library and table activity.

Evil Dead Cars

Evil Dead burst onto the scene from the mind of Sam Raimi in 1981, and instantly became a cult classic to horror fans all over. You could have checked out these screen-used vehicles from the franchise, but don't forget the ancient phrase!