Special Attractions

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2021 Special Attractions

501st Legion

The 501st Legion is a Star Wars fan group centered around 3 pillars: to promote interest in Star Wars, to facilitate the use of costumes, and to contribute to the community as a whole. Stop on by and check out all the awesome Star Wars props and costumes on display.

Itasha Showdown: A Car Runway Experience

The coolest cars on the block make their Comicpalooza debut this year. Themed with beloved anime and other pop-culture fandoms, this sight is one to see.

Battlefield Houston

A cross between paintball, airsoft, and traditional laser tag with all of the options of a video game, it's sure to be a memorable and exhilarating game with Battlefield Houston.

Blackwolf Armory & Props

Be fascinated and snap some photos of TV and movie props and replicas from Texas-based designer Blackwolf Armory & Props.

Brazen Monkey

Brazen Monkey brings your favorite He-Man cats to life. Stop by to snap a picture with full-size replicas of Battle Cat and Panthor.

Dragonball Z Statues

Come check out life size versions of your favorite Dragon Ball Z props and characters including Vegeta, Frieza, Goku, and a life size Saiyan Pod.

Exitus VR

Step into the virtual reality world with ExitusVR, the first and only VR game in Houston. Immerse yourself in a variety of thrilling escape room quests that take the classic escape room experience to a new level.

Fandom Court

Fandom Court: State Your Case

Have you ever wanted to present to a jury of your peers why Superman would beat Goku? Well now is your chance to participate in mock trials all weekend featuring a wide variety of topics to argue about. Make sure you sign up in advance to secure your place on a particular side.

Full Steel Combat

Knights are a part of the fantasy psyche as much as dragons and tyrant kings. Have you ever wanted to watch knights participate in melee combat, to hear the ringing of steel and the clashing of swords? Come watch Full Steel Combat all weekend and root for your favorite knights!

LEGO - Houston Brick Builders

Houston Brick Club is a varied group of people who enjoy building, displaying and collecting anything made from LEGO parts.


Ever wanted to drive a giant robot armed to the teeth with lasers, cannons, and missiles to own the battlefield? Then Mech Corps is the place for you. Fight one on one, free for all, or against the computer in these pods created uniquely for this game.

The National United States Armed Forces Museum

The National the United States Armed Forces Museum is a non-profit 501( c )(3) organization and museum focused on educational historical exhibits and dedicated to preserving the memory of those citizens who have served in our nation's armed forces.

Oversized Gaming

Connect 4, Jenga, the classic games that anyone can enjoy but with one big twist...they're larger than life (or at least larger than the versions you have at home). Challenge friends, strangers, and staff alike to a game to see who is the best

The Comicpalooza Podcast Program

With a multitude of diverse podcasts getting their ‘geek on’, the Comicpalooza Podcast Program enters another year of liveliness. This program hosts sessions throughout the weekend with educational panels, game shows, live podcasts, covering various pop culture topics, and exclusive panels featuring special guests.

Red Carpet Experiences

Make your presence known and your cosplay shine. New this year, Comicpalooza is giving you the star treatment with several red carpet experiences around the show that will give you the opportunity to strut the red carpet like the superstar you are.

Renegade the Supernatural Tribute Impala

Spanning 15 seasons and countless fans worldwide, Renegade is the vehicle of choice for the main heroes of the hit TV series Supernatural.

Ultimate Werewolf

Ultimate Werewolf is one of the most engaging party games you'll ever play, join the game as you and others are divvied up between werewolves and villagers. For villagers the goal is simple, don't get turned into a werewolf and figure out who is a werewolf. For the werewolves, you must eliminate one villager a night until you and your were brethren are the only ones remaining.