Panel Submissions

Do you like the spotlight? Can you put together 45 minutes of entertaining content that would intrigue and engage our attendees? Comicpalooza provides panels for a diverse mix of fans, geeks, and fantasy lovers of all ages. You can host a panel discussing your favorite subject, create an interactive audience experience, or teach new skills. Just remember, keep it interesting, and follow the guidelines.

Along with all Comicpalooza participants, all panelists will be required to follow our health and safety protocols. Click here to learn the latest. If you are selected, further procedures will be shared with you prior to the show.

Interested in submitting a panel for the 2024 show? Fill out the form below.

Panel Submission Form

Panel Submission Deadline is March 15, 2024.

Types of Panels

There are four (4) panel types at Comicpalooza:

  • Discussions: Individual or group-led panels covering a topic under the larger umbrella of pop culture. These panels bring fans together and give them the opportunity to interact and share their thoughts or ask questions.
  • Demonstrations: Educational sessions with trained specialists teaching an activity such as dance, a game, or even historical/anachronistic choreography.
  • Workshops: Expert-led interactive lessons, most often related to pop-culture crafts, cosplay, writing, etc.
  • Performance: Theatrical, musical, and expressive movement acts, as well as standup comedy and magic routines that excite and entertain audiences.

If your panel does not fit any of the above-mentioned types, please select the best-fit option and provide us with an explanation in the description. This will help us better understand how to address your needs.

IMPORTANT: The setup and spacing of each panel will differ. Discussion and Workshop panels will ONLY be outfitted with a table, chairs, two microphones, and a monitor. Additional tables/chairs and microphones MAY be requested during the application process. We will do our best to meet the needs per request. Applicants are expected to provide their own cables, laptops, and ancillary equipment needed to conduct their panel. Please plan accordingly.

To apply, here's what you'll need to do:

  • Create one or more great topics that will entertain Comicpalooza's pop culture fans
  • Make sure you'll have at least 45 minutes of content to present
  • Create a panel name and description that will entice people to come to your panel
  • Wait for approval (we may inquire more about your topic, so please be detailed and specific)
  • Take the stage, deliver your presentation, and await your applause


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