Cosplayers are an important part of Comicpalooza. The true cosplayer creates their own costumery, with amazing props, stunning makeup, masks, and hair. They embody the characters they portray and blur the lines between fiction and reality.

At Comicpalooza, there are multiple ways you can enjoy cosplay: dress up, walk around, and become part of the experience; participate in any of our entertaining cosplay competitions, or cheer and celebrate the enthusiasts.

Become your alter ego (or your true inner self). Whether as an escape, a form of creative expression, or an opportunity to transform into your favorite character, cosplay with Comicpalooza and be part of a shared immersive experience.

For the crafty and show-worthy, Comicpalooza hosts a cosplay competition on Saturday night. From incredible costumes to the unique flair each cosplayer adds when bringing their character to life on stage, this event is a must-see for both the curious and creative. If you construct your own costumes and want to learn more about competing, go to the Comicpalooza Cosplay Competition page to learn more about the signup and guidelines.


Be respectful to the performers. Heckling is strictly forbidden.