Cosplay is more than a costume. It is fully immersing into the recreation of a character from a published work via costuming and acting. This can take shape in the form of perfectly styled hair; carefully applied makeup; masks, props, character voices, to acting as the character. All of these elements come together during cosplay.

There were multiple ways to embrace cosplay at Comicpalooza. Fans could dress up, walk around, and become part of the experience while others could participate in one of our cosplay contests, or cheer on fellow cosplayers!

Participating cosplayers took the stage and showed off their incredible costumes and fabulous flare at the annual Comicpalooza Cosplay Contest, while aspiring young cosplayers participated in the Kid's Cosplay Contest.

AUDIENCE NOTE: Be respectful to the performers. Heckling is strictly forbidden.


Learn more about our Cosplay Photo Scramble Contest that took place here.

2023 Cosplay Guests