Cosplay is more than a costume. Cosplay is recreating a character from a published work via costuming and acting, from perfectly styled hair; carefully applied makeup; masks, props, character voices, to acting as the character, it all comes together in cosplay.

There are multiple ways you can embrace cosplay at Comicpalooza. You can dress up, walk around, and become part of the experience. You can attend one of our entertaining cosplay competitions where you can cheer on the enthusiasts, including aspiring cosplayers in our Kid’s competition held in the Kid’s room.

You can become your alter ego or become your true inner self. Whether as an escape, a form of creative expression, or an opportunity to be your favorite character, cosplay with Comicpalooza.

And, if you dressed up and had a mishap, you could have checked out the Cosplay Repair Station provided by Davinci Maker Labs in the Maker’s Space.

For the craftsmen, and showman, each year we hold a Comicpalooza Cosplay competition on Saturday night. And, each year our Cosplay competitions get bigger and better! From incredible costumes to the fabulous flare each cosplayer adds when bringing their characters to life on stage, a must-attend event. If you construct your own custom costumes and want to learn more about competing or signing up, go to our page or the Comicpalooza Cosplay Competition page.

Be respectful to the performers. Heckling is strictly forbidden.

The Techland “Build What You Can” Competition was a brand new competition for cosplayers of all levels for Comicpalooza this past year at Techland’s booth located in the Maker Space. This competition supported and promoted the growth and expansion of the “Maker/ Builder” concept. Both Techland Houston and its partner Comicpalooza designed this event to be both fun and challenging. Rules and evaluations were chosen and designed to provide constructive and positive criticism – they were a means of improving and encouraging the craft that is cosplay and costume construction. All judging was done in a positive, responsive and considerate manner. The theme for the event was a Game of Thrones Mash-Up, and attendees came out to watch these amazing costumes being made!