Media Credentials

Thank you for your interest in attending and covering Comicpalooza! Please fill out the appropriate pass application request and someone from the team will be in touch.
The deadline to apply for a media, influence/blogger/vlogger pass is Friday, July 8.

Before you apply, keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Media passes are available to working media who will be writing articles, capturing footage, or audio during Comicpalooza. Qualifying media includes:
    • Print/Online: Local, regional, and national newspapers, magazines, and online news publications
    • Radio: AM, FM, satellite radio
    • Television: Network and cable TV stations

  • Influencer/Blogger/Vlogger passes are available to blogs and channels that are covering Comicpalooza pre-event and during the show. Qualifying blogger and vloggers must:
    • Regularly update original content on their platforms
    • Post one pre-promotional article, post, podcast or video of Comicpalooza
  • One pass is available for each media, blogger, vlogger applicant.
  • Media credentials do not guarantee interviews or access to Comicpalooza guests.