Fan Groups

Comicpalooza is proud to support our fellow fan clubs, groups, societies, associations, organizations, clubs, guilds, and leagues that cultivate liberal arts or celebrate popular cultural icons, from the factual to the fantastical. If you are part of such a group and want to discover other individuals that share your same interests, or share with those that are curious, we have several opportunities for you.

Comicpalooza offers tables to Fan Groups on the exhibit floor. Tables are available to groups that want an inexpensive way to share their message or increase their membership. A discounted rate of $50 includes a 3’ x 6’ table. Badges for the space will need to be purchased separately. Contribution to programming is required in order to receive a Fan Group table. There are a limited number of booths available in a dedicated section, so please complete your application early.

Groups using a table are restricted from selling memberships, goods, or asking for donations for their fan groups during the show. Requesting email addresses and membership sign-ups is allowed and encouraged. Also, requesting donations on behalf of a charity is accepted with a letter of agreement from the charity authorizing the solicitation on their behalf in advance of the show.

Fan Group Exhibits:

There are additional benefits to fan groups that provide an interactive or visually-rich exhibit, which enhances the overall show experience for our attendees. An increase in space, size and number of passes may be provided by Comicpalooza based on the exhibit as well as advance promotion to your membership team and social media followers. In most cases, interactive exhibits require someone be in attendance during the full extent of show hours, which justifies the additional number of passes. Contribution to programming is required in order to receive a Fan Group Exhibit.

Photos of the exhibit must be provided in advance along with a detailed description of any scripted or planned audience interaction. Signage must clearly mark the name of your organization and any volunteers working the event cannot be confused with Comicpalooza staff. However, your exhibit staff must follow the same rules of engagement with our attendees as anyone else working the event, which includes a friendly, welcoming experience.

Your exhibit will be assessed based on relevance to the fans, other planned experiences with similar themes, and necessary resources. Any fees will remain minimal if you meet the above requirements. However, if you plan to charge participants fees of any sort, you will be charged as an exhibitor. Space is limited.

Promotional Partners

Comicpalooza partners with several other groups, festivals, and expos that want to promote their shows to our large number of attendees through our event. We are happy to discuss cross-promotional opportunities. We typically look at audience relevance, membership numbers, number of social media followers, and opportunities for us to expand Comicpalooza’s exposure. The more you talk about us, the more we’ll talk about you.

Panel Contributors

Contributing meaningful and entertaining content to a panel gives you a platform for sharing your content. Individuals of your group who add panel content of three or more approved panels will be awarded a weekend pass.

For an additional expense, all regular passes provided as part of any of the options can be upgraded to a VIP pass.


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