For your safety, there are a number of security measures we employ at the facility, with our vendors and with attendees, in an effort to keep everyone at Comicpalooza safe. The majority of these procedures are not seen and will not disrupt your time at the event.

Bag checks are conducted at each of the entry points before entering the facility. In addition, props that resemble weapons have to be clearly marked and properly tagged by our prop check department before entering the halls. Prop check guidelines can be found here.

In addition, lewd or offensive behavior either physically or verbally towards anyone else at Comicpalooza, this can include attendees and/or staff, is strictly prohibited. Non-consensual physical contact or taking of photos can be considered invasive and inappropriate and is not allowed without consent from all parties. You can find our harassment policy here.

If anyone experiences an issue or witnesses one, they are encouraged to contact the nearest security personnel immediately. Comicpalooza puts these guidelines in place so that all members of our diverse community has an enjoyable experience.