The Comicpalooza Podcast Partnership Program application is available to qualified working Podcasts who intend to host their show live from the show floor. Qualifying media includes Podcasts, YouTube Creators, and Video Bloggers. If accepted to the program, shows will have the opportunity to be on the schedule for a live podcast on the show floor, and the possibility to be invited to be part of specialized programming. Please note, that space to the program is limited based on availability.

Click below to fill out a Podcast Partnership Program application. To be considered, your application must be received no later than Friday, March 1, 2024.

Before you apply, keep in mind the following criteria for the Podcast Partnership Program:

  • Only one person per show will need to apply. Applying for the Podcast Partnership Program does not guarantee entry to the show, admission to the program, or issuance of media passes. Applications may be delayed or denied, and passes issued may be conditioned or revoked, at the sole discretion of event management.
  • Entry to the Podcast Partnership Program does not give you access to interview Comicpalooza guests. If you would like to submit an interview request and have been approved as a member of the Podcast Partnership Program, please email media@comicpalooza.com.
  • To be considered for the program qualifying Podcasters must:
    • Have a Podcast, be YouTube creator, and/or a Video Blogger;
    • Have released an episode within the last 90 days that is relevant to the Comicpalooza audience;
    • Regularly update original content on all active platforms and have steady audience engagement; and
    • Be family-friendly, as any Podcast that contains vulgar or profane material will not be approved.
  • We do not accept podcast production companies or organizations. Those interested can submit for an Exhibitor Space here.
  • Any approved Podcast applicant will be required to promote the show pre-event and submit weekly reports in a timely manner.
  • If you are Media and do not fit under the Podcast Program and are interested in covering the event, then please apply for Press Credentials here.

By submitting an application for a Comicpalooza 2024 media pass, you agree to follow the Code of Conduct including:

  • NO filming, photographing or interviewing celebrities.
  • NO filming and posting of celebrity panels in its entirety.
  • NO offensive behavior or verbal comments