Social Media Policy

For external users of Comicpalooza’s social media channels.

Comicpalooza is devoted to providing our fans with lively and entertaining social media channels which include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and the Comicpalooza website and blog. We encourage users to comment, engage, and share your experiences on our platforms. We value your viewpoints.

Although we encourage engagement, we also reserve the right to hide or delete any comments and ban a user from our channels for violating our policy below. Remember, we are all here to save the world, not tear it down!

  • Keep It Clean: Remember what Iron Man says, "For gosh sake, watch your language!" Please, no vulgar, obscene, or aggressive language. Let’s leave that for the villains. Also, our page automatically hides all comments with profanity. Not even your superpowers will make them appear.
  • Keep It Respectful: We ask that you don’t insult, disrespect, or shame anyone on our pages, including guests that are announced, users that comment, and our social media managers that work hard to provide you with great content. Comicpalooza at its sole discretion will remove such comments as we see fit.
  • Keep It Relevant: No spam. Keep comments relevant to the posted topics.
  • Keep It True: Please don’t post any information that is false.
  • Keep It Private: Although Comicpalooza does not sell or share your information, we encourage you not to post any personal data.

The Bottom Line: Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. As a result, if you violate any of the Comicpalooza social media guidelines, you will be notified and your comment will be deleted. On the third offense, you will be banned from future engagements on all of our social media channels.

External Links: Comicpalooza is not responsible for the content of any websites linked by a comment of any user, links contained in a linked website, and updates or changes to such websites. The inclusion of links does not imply endorsement by Comicpalooza.

You might be wondering who to contact with questions. Any questions regarding Comicpalooza social channels may be directed to If you are seeking more information about attending Comicpalooza, please contact us at