Autographs and Photo Ops

Each year rising stars to beloved legends from film, television, comic books, and more come to Comicpalooza. Not only are attendees able to learn new insights about their pop culture icons throughout the weekend during moderated panels, most of which include a Q&A from the audience, fans are also able to get a photo with their idols, an autograph, or both, creating truly special memories. Comicpalooza has brought on two industry leaders to help ensure the highest quality and assurances for these unique treasures.

Onsite Photo and Autograph Provider

Keepsake experts, Epic Photo Ops, returns to ensure once-in-a-lifetime photos and autographs become a souvenir that can be shown off for years to come. Each photo is printed on an 8 x 10 glossy paper. Reserve your digital photo copies, photo ops and autographs here.

Pro tip: Reserve in advance, there’s a limited number available!

Official Show Authenticator
Autograph authentication services provided by SWAU are available in advance when you buy from the Epic Photo Ops site. For purchases onsite, take the ticket you receive when you get your autograph to the SWAU booth and a member of the staff will place a tamper-proof hologram that is packed with over a dozen anti-counterfeit measures along with a unique serial number and corresponding QR code to verify the authenticity of every autograph on

Pro tip: Save the ticket with the autographed item or in another safe place. It will help assure the highest value for the item should it be sold in the future.

Autograph Send-in Provider

Are you planning to attend Comicpalooza but the really cool sword you want signed isn’t sanctioned and neither is that bottle of your favorite beverage? Do you have an item you want signed but can’t attend the show? SWAU is your new best friend. SWAU is offering autograph send-ins but will also have photos and Funko Pops available in inventory for pre-order. All items will come with a SWAU tamper-proof hologram to ensure authenticity and resell value. Learn more, and pre-order yours here!

Pro tip: To make the process as seamless as possible, be sure your item is “send-in” ready by labeling your items properly and making sure your desired placement instructions are marked. Don’t hold off, make sure the send-in deadlines don’t sneak up on you!

Here are some things you need to know when planning your celebrity encounters:

  • Celebrity panels alternate times and locations between the General Assembly and Ballroom C on the third floor. You can see every celebrity panel if you’d like, or be selective and mix it up with a number of other fun activities. The schedule can be found here.
  • Autograph and Photograph times are available both morning and afternoon, so you have added flexibility to enjoy other aspects of the convention---exploring the Exhibit Hall can take a day by itself! The schedule for each is largely determined by demand---by ordering in advance, you can help the planning and assure you don’t miss the opportunity to get the auto/photo you want.
  • Autograph opportunities typically follow photograph sessions to assure fans can not only get the photo they want with their favorite celebrity but they can add the extra special touch of getting it signed!
  • If a celebrity is not in the autograph booth at the designated time, do not fret, they may be taking a quick break. A volunteer should be at the booth and available to answer questions.
  • VIP and Speed Pass holders enter the panel rooms approximately ten minutes before General Admission badges so they have first shot at selecting seats. To learn more about the different badge offerings and benefits click here. VIP and Speed Pass holders also have a special line at the photograph and autograph booths. Less waiting, more time to enjoy the full experience of the show!
  • Up to four people are allowed in a photo. Grab your friends and share the fun (and the cost).