Space City Geek Fest

Saturday, February 18th | 11:00 am
Raven Tower located at 310 North Street Houston, TX 77009

Space City Geek Fest is here to bridge the gap between music and geek culture!

Music, comics, and movies impact each other more than ever, and we need not look any further than some of the following examples: Meg the Stallion pulling fashion design ideas from the hit anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Logic putting references to Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. With the MCU at its peak and anime growing increasingly popular, the two-way influence between music and geek culture is undeniable. Come catch a vibe with 10 artists all influenced by geek culture, check out 30+ pop culture vendors, join the free play Super Smash Bros action, geek out with 3 educational panels, and groove to a 4-producers beat battle flipping nerd culture classics or chill in our private VIP lounge with a small arcade and exclusive bar.


Did you miss Comicpalooza’s amazing K-pop panels?! Don’t fret because KLOVR is going to serve up another powerful performance at this special CP365 event.

Ever wonder what K-pop is? Ever wanted to try learning a K-pop dance, but didn't know where to start? Stop by and give a try with KLOVR, a K-pop dance team in Houston, who will be performing and providing a K-pop workshop for you. Anyone and everyone is welcome to dip their toes into the vast assortment of K-pop, and no dance experience required!

Comicpalooza will also be giving away CP2023 badges and signed autographs. Check out our booth at Space City Geek Fest for more info.