A First Timer's Guide to Comicpalooza

Comicpalooza Passes

A Comicpalooza pass is required to enter the show regardless of what you want to see or do. All passes grant you access to the exhibition floor, special attractions, entertainment and celebrity panels. There are various types of passes that you can choose from. Visit our buyers guide to get information on what each pass includes. But remember, they do not include photos and autographs.  

Buyers Guide

Photo and Autograph Tickets

Once you have your Comicpalooza pass(es), check out the photograph and autograph options for one of this year’s guests on our provider's page, Epic Photo Ops. Each guest has different prices and options with limited availability. Epic Photo Ops is cashless onsite. But if there is no price listed for a guest's autographs, the guest will be taking cash payments onsite at their booth.

2024 Guests

Early Badge Pick Up

If you want to skip the ticket lines at the show, order online in advance and pick up your passes at one of our Early Badge pick up locations. Times and addresses are announced a few weeks before the show and are located in the Greater Houston area. Bring your email confirmation with you to redeem.

Early Badge Pickup

Parking Information

There are several parking options within walking distance from the George R. Brown Convention Center. Visit our parking page to view all of the options and make plans ahead of time. We recommend you arrive early to ensure you don’t miss any scheduled events.

Parking Info

Things to do at the Show

Ahead of the show, our schedule of events occurring throughout the weekend will be up on our website and available through our app. These include our celebrity panels, special attractions like the Itasha Showdown, entertainment like Full Steel Combat, and fan-led panels. Make sure to look at them a few days (or weeks!) before show weekend and prioritize accordingly.

Activities at Comicpalooza

Partner Hotels 

If you want to be in the center of all things Comicpalooza from morning until late at night, book a room at one of our nearby partner hotels. Not only will you be steps away from the pop-culture festival, but also a power nap or cosplay change! 

Book Your Hotel

Cosplay Rules

Before you plan your cosplay for the day, read our Code of Conduct to see what is acceptable and not acceptable. If you see a rad cosplay and want to take a picture of them or with them, remember, cosplay is not consent. Always ask for permission before taking a photo.

Code of Conduct

Now that you have the download on how to plan your Comicpalooza visit, here are some pro tips and tricks to keep in mind. Have any additional questions? Contact us here.

  • You’ll be getting your steps in – wear comfortable shoes!
  • Comicpalooza is an all-day adventure – bring a portable battery pack to recharge your phone.
  • Have cash in case a guest or exhibitor only accepts cash as a form of payment.
  • If you’re doing some shopping, bring a bag to store all of your new finds. Read what’s acceptable here.
  • View all participating vendors on our exhibitor page and plan ahead.
  • If you purchase a photograph, stop by our merch booth, consider adding an autograph or get a protective sleeve so your photo avoids wear and tear.
  • Don’t throw away your gift card if you use it to purchase your pass, photos and autos. You may need it should you be due a refund.
  • It’s always best to buy ahead of time to avoid long ticket lines and lock in your photo or auto before they sell out!
  • Download the app, it’ll be your best friend show weekend.
  • It’s easy to get lost in the geekiness that’s Comicpalooza, make sure to keep an eye on the time and prioritize the panels you want to sit in on.
  • On the topic of panels, plan to arrive early to guest panels to snag good seats and consider a VIP pass.
  • We welcome all cosplayers but if you don’t want to cosplay, that’s okay!
  • Remember to always ask for permission before taking a photo with fellow cosplayers.
  • Tag us on social media, for the chance to be featured on our channels!