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Discussion with Stephanie Cardoza

Building the Gameroom Schoolhouse: Board Gaming in Home Education

Say what?! Betcha didn’t know board games can play a role in school learning? Erica Echlin chats with Gameroom Schoolhouse blogger Stephanie Cardoza on just how board games can be a fun and educational tool in school curriculums. No Tabletop experience necessary!.

Discussion with Ira Domnitz

The Avengers or Doctor Who: Who did time travel right?

Who do you think did time travel right between the Avengers and Doctor Who? Listen in on the discussion with Matinee Heroes, Craig Price and our resident Whovian, Ira Domnitz, to see if you agree with their thoughts on another Comicpalooza Presents episode.

Episode 1

Voice Actor Exclusive with John Swasey

Known for his voice acting in My Hero Academia, Soul Eater, One Piece, Borderlands 2, anime voice actor John Swasey sits down with Raging Nerds Podcast host, Erica Echlin, to talk about his successful career and share advice for anyone pursuing a career in voice acting.

Episode 2

Voice Actor Exclusive with John Swasey

Comicpalooza Presents X The Adventure Begins

CP Presents X The Adventure Begins Episode 1

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man