Cultural Arts Avenue

Cultural Arts Avenue brings different local art organizations and cosplayers together to educate fans on their program and its history while showcasing their magnificent artwork and costumes.

Sparrowhawk Cosplay

Native Texan, Sparrowhawk Cosplay is an award-winning cosplayer, costume designer and prop maker with 8 years of experience. She specializes in foam smithing, blueprint/pattern construction, sewing, fx makeup, weathering, and wig styling. She is always striving to learn new skills and techniques while sharing her knowledge with other's in the community or those looking to join the community.


RumplestiltSeam (They/Them) is a craftsmanship-oriented cosplayer that has been cosplaying in the Texas cosplay community and abroad for a decade. They like to focus on balancing performance and craftsmanship to bring their work to life and tell a story. They use their strongest skill, needlework, and fabric manipulation to bring all kinds of characters to life from many genres including video games, manga/anime, comic books, pop culture and original designs and artwork.

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