Comicpalooza May 22-24, 2020
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The Cultural Arts Avenue, that was located on the 2nd floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center, consisted of different local art organizations showcasing artwork, costumes, their history and other programs. It was your chance to learn more about organizations that you may be interested in, all within your community. Find out about the programs that they offer, and then visit the locations for yourself!


Art League Houston
The mission of Art League Houston is to connect the community through diverse, dynamic, and creative experiences that bring people together to see, make, and talk about contemporary visual art.  Founded in 1948, Art League Houston has radically evolved beyond the parameters of traditional art leagues. While keeping the core of the art league model – a robust membership deeply committed to the value of visual art in contemporary life – Art League Houston embraces contemporary approaches to curatorial programming, community-building, art education, and outreach to under resourced communities. 

CP2019 Art League Logo

Fresh Arts 
Fresh Arts is a 501(C)3 organization that nurtures a local arts ecosystem designed to position artists and creative entrepreneurs for success. Fresh Arts is the facilitator of a unique framework that helps rising artists shine alongside their peers by breaking through common barriers that could otherwise impede the advancement of their careers. Their programs help advance the careers of local artists and creative entrepreneurs by complementing their artistic practices through carefully cultivated communities that facilitate shared resources, knowledge, experiences, and audiences. They achieve this through resource sharing, skill building initiatives and through our artist-centered community programs.

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1940 Air Terminal Museum
The 1940 Air Terminal is demonstrating the impact of aviation on Houston’s history and economic development through the prism of architectural beauty. Located at William P. Hobby Airport, the museum is housed in the original 1940 art deco air terminal building that once served the city as the Houston Municipal Airport. Step inside and take a trip back in time when flying in an airplane was one of the most glamorous things you could do and people would dress up in their finest attire. A visit to the Museum also affords a front row vantage point to Hobby Airport's diverse airport operations. Between airline traffic, business aviation and frequent fixed wing and rotary wing general aviation traffic, it’s as if the Museum has an air show every day!

1940 Air Terminal Museum

The Printing Museum 
The Printing Museum explores the intersections of the history, art, and technology of printing and demonstrates its enduring impact through exhibitions, interactive tours, and creative workshops. With over 10,000 items in its permanent collection — including one of the earliest printed documents, fine-art facsimiles such as the Gutenberg Bible, and contemporary limited-edition works on paper — the Museum is an engaging place for kids and adults alike.

The Printing Museum

The Quilt Festival
The “Quilted Comics & Sci-Fi” exhibit is brought to you by International Quilt Festival. The largest quilt show in the U.S. has more than 1,600 quilts on display, 1,000 shopping booths, and 425 classes. It will take place this year Oct. 31-Nov. 3 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and this exhibit will repeat there.

CP2019 Quilt Festival Logo

Via Colori
Via Colori features more than 200 local, national and international artists that create impressive chalk murals on the streets of downtown Houston. Recently awarded the “Best Arts Festival of Houston” by Houston Press, Via Colori also features three stages of live music, Via Bambini family zone, food and beverage vendors over the two-day event. Via Colori raises more than $400,000 annually to fund health and educational services for children with hearing loss in Houston through The Center for Hearing and Speech and its renowned audiologists, teachers and speech-language pathologists.

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Young Audiences of Houston
Young Audiences of Houston is the largest provider of arts-infused learning programs across the greater Houston metro area.  Since 1963, we aim to educate and inspire children through the arts, to make the arts an integral part of the school curriculum, and to advance the field of arts in education through teacher professional development training and community partnerships. For more information, please visit our website at or visit us on social media at @yahouston.


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Zine Fest Houston 
Zine Fest Houston (ZFH) is an annual, all-ages festival dedicated to promoting zines (self-published magazines), mini-comics, and other forms of small press, alternative, and underground DIY media and art. Admission is always free and low cost table space is made available for creators, writers, and artists involved in the creation, publication, distribution, or promotion of alternative DIY media. ZFH is the sole event in Houston that specifically provides a platform for emerging and established regional and national zine makers in the DIY community to exchange new work and create meaningful relationships that lead to productive collaboration.

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2018 Featured Cosplayers

CP2019 Rocket

Zevault  "One Ugly Cosplayer"
Hailing from San Antonio, TX,  Zevault took an interest in costuming and crafting, starting as a fur performer and branching out into competition and performing at various fairs and contests across Texas for the past 10 years. He placed best in show and highest honors at many venues, and also promotes cosplay and creativity, having originated the costume contest at Sherwood Forest Fair.


Chelsea M Cosplay
Chelsea M Cosplay is an award-winning Cosplayer and prize-winning Costume Designer/Prop Engineer from Southeast Texas. After four years of cosplaying, she has expanded her portfolio to include modeling, photography, and print making. Cosplay has become a way to channel all of her creativity in a positive way. She has always been an eclectic fan with her heart spread across all mediums, genres, and subcultures! Chelsea is an avid comic book/manga reader, TV enthusiast, and gamer.



CP2019 - Voodoo Poison Ivy

Kehlen Scott
Bartender by day, mad woman with a glue gun by night? Poison Ivy was Scott’s first cosplay she ever entered into a competition, and only her third cosplay to ever make. So if you look really close, you can probably see some cat hair, a wine spill and the faint shadow of a few panic attacks.


True to his name, TheConfectionerd is a baker and a lifelong lover of all things nerdy. He has developed a vast background over the years that has given him a wide range of skills, from when he learned to sew as a child from watching his grandmother, to being an ASE Certified master automotive technician, and then becoming an award winning cake decorator.

He’s been cosplaying for 5 years and has been continuously pushing his personal limits by trying to incorporate new techniques and unconventional materials into his costumes and props. He has also become drawn to bringing to life characters that seem impossible at first glance. From his 8 foot tall Gundam, to his Bokoblin that stands at 4 feet, he thrives on challenging himself with cosplays that can be easily mistaken for a booth display.

CP2019 - Gundam