Cultural Arts Avenue

Cultural Arts Avenue brings different local art organizations together to educate fans on their program and its history while showcasing their magnificent artwork and costumes.

Check out our 2022 participating organizations, check back soon for our 2023 organizations.

1940 Air Terminal Museum

The 1940 Air Terminal is demonstrating the impact of aviation on Houston’s history and economic development through the prism of architectural beauty. Located at William P. Hobby Airport, the museum is housed in the original 1940 art deco air terminal building that once served the city as the Houston Municipal Airport. You could step inside and take a trip back in time when flying in an airplane was one of the most glamorous things you could do and people would dress up in their finest attire. A visit to the Museum also could afford a front row vantage point to Hobby Airport's diverse airport operations. Between airline traffic, business aviation and frequent fixed wing and rotary wing general aviation traffic, it’s as if the Museum had an air show every day!

The Printing Museum

The Printing Museum explored the intersections of the history, art, and technology of printing and demonstrated its enduring impact through exhibitions, interactive tours, and creative workshops. With over 10,000 items in its permanent collection — including one of the earliest printed documents, fine-art facsimiles such as the Gutenberg Bible, and contemporary limited-edition works on paper — the Museum is an engaging place for kids and adults alike.

Project Row Houses

The Third Ward Cultural Arts District, officially created by the Texas Commission on the Arts in September 2020, supports Third Ward residents by activating spaces of healing and creating a haven for the artists most in need of a place to feel safe to create and thrive. Just as important, the Cultural District creates opportunities for visitors from across town and across the globe to participate in this work and connect with the community.

In this moment, the power of art and culture to heal communities and give a voice to the silenced is of the highest importance. Project Row Houses was glad to serve as the management entity for the Cultural District.

Community Artists' Collective

The Collective was the catalyst which provides the inspirational and educational sources for artists—with a sensitivity to African American women visual artists— and citizens so that they can use their talents and creative abilities to solve economic, cultural and social challenges in the natural and built environments in which we live, work and serve.

The Collective challenged local artists to make their own career decisions and to produce work, which truly reflects their unique vision, and to work with our organization or some other organized effort to give something back to the community from which we have emerged.

Houston Cinema Arts Society

Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) celebrates and illuminates the vitality of one of America’s most diverse cities by connecting audiences and artists with public, educational, and career-advancing film and arts programming. The most ambitious of the HCAS programs, Houston Cinema Arts Festival, is a week-long multi-venue festival that includes narrative, documentary, and experimental films; innovative video and media installations; live multi-media performances; panel discussions; Meet the Makers workshops; and free student field trip screenings. The 14th Annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival will take place November 10-17, 2022, with both in-person and virtual programming.

Houston Climate Justice Museum and Cultural Center

At the Houston Climate Justice Museum and Cultural Center, we think critically about what it means to be a "museum" and its associated functions of collection, display, public, humanity. We think hard about borders - geographic, economic, and social - that divide our communities. We know that looking is always perspectival: we ask What can be seen and how? By whom? And when? Here at the HCJMCC we displayed objects as sites for productive disagreement and social conflict, as a way to bring people together and work to solve our intractable environmental crises.

Houston Symphony

The mission of the Houston Symphony is to inspire and engage a large and diverse audience in Greater Houston and beyond through exceptional orchestral and non-orchestral performances, educational programs and community activities. By 2025, we seek to be America's most relevant and accessible top-ten orchestra by instilling such values as excellence, education, relevance, financial sustainability, and inclusivity, among others.

The 5th Ward Cultural Arts District

Houston’s Historic 5th Ward community is one large masterpiece. It is a place where art is a way of living, from its food, music, and sculptures; to its Historic buildings and gathering spaces like the Historic Deluxe Theater or the Iconic live music venue Club Matinee (Cotton Club of the South.) The 5th Ward Cultural Arts District is a living cultural arts destination and the center of Houston’s African American history and culture.


Liam Norris


2021 1st Place Advanced

Kaleb Luna

Shield Hero (Naofumi Iwatani)

2021 1st Place Newcomer

Cody Corcoran

Boba Fett

2021 2nd Place Newcomer

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