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Year after year we bring together an eclectic group of performers to make you laugh, make you blush, make you bang your head, and make you dance a little…or a lot. We don’t judge at Comicpalooza. It’s all about having fun! You don’t have to like everything but surely you’ll discover something you like. 2017 was entertaining! We laughed. We danced. We banged our heads. Check out the groups that made it possible.



Blunt Force Drama: Combat Tournament of Champions

Violence and Adult humor, two great tastes that taste great together! Four international champions compete for honor and glory! The fighters fight and the audience chooses who wins. This show has been a hit at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Sherwood Forest Faire for many years. Not for children!

Comedy Sportz

ComedySportz is competitive, fast-paced, improvisational comedy that's appropriate for all ages. It's not comedy about sports, its comedy played as a sport. Two teams of professional players incorporate audience suggestions while competing in rounds of improv games similar to tv's "Whose Line is it Anyway." Each team vies to inspire the most laughs. With the help of a referee, the audience selects games, generates suggestions, and determines the winner. The possibilities are endless. No two matches are alike. It's always fast, always funny, always interactive.

Comedy Sportz


Dim N Wit

“Two Brothers, Healing the World, One Hug at a Time.” Dim N Wit, the Fairy Brothers are original characters created by two guys that never thought it would become this big, or make this many people happy. Their story began in 2010 when “Wit” talked “Dim” into attending a Renaissance Festival in Texas dressed as winged fae. Since then, they bring their unique sense of humor and fabulousness to Renaissance Festivals, Comic Conventions, Parades, and Charity Events all over Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Kentucky and Georgia with many more locations planned in the future. Their colorfulness has been seen on almost every form of social media, many newspapers (online as well as print), radio, and TV.


Dim N Wit


Kommander Kibbey

Kommander Kibbey aka Lanny Kibbey was born into a family of entertainers and began performing professional magic shows at the age of 12. Lanny has delighted audiences all over the world with his unique brand of magic, The Kommander Kibbey show is a steampunk inspired Illusion and comedy show with a neo-victorian theme, combining state-of-the-art illusions, sleight of hand, side-splitting comedy and plenty of audience interaction!  


Kommander Kibbey




Comicpalooza Bellydancing

Sparkling Shadows Belly Dance and The Modern Gypsy Project, unite with guests of Menagerie and Alagia with the shimmies and shakes of several styles of belly dance from our Houston area dancers, including American Cabaret, Turkish, and Tribal Fusion. This group of gals (and guys) even have some slinky contemporary fusion and clever cosplay performances with family friendly shows!


Stomp Factory

Established in September of 2013, Stomp Factory is a performance and competition hiphop-based dance studio in Houston, TX created for dancers by dancers with a studio of mixed ages that empower its dancers to excel and help one another be the very best they can be in and out of the studio. Having performed for many large organizations, 2017 was Stomp Factory’s first year at Comicpalooza.


Texan Heat Nerdlesque

Do you think Texas is already hot? Texan Heat Nerdlesque brings the fire to the stage with a brand new burlesque act: "We're Not Bad, We're Just Drawn That Way", created by the 2D anti-heroes, antagonists, and villains that you all know and love. Our ladies and gentlemen take part in various panels sharing their passion and experiences with people who are part of the burlesque community, want to be, or anyone else for that matter.


The Vixens

The Vixens are a cosplay dance troupe formed in 2015 from San Antonio. Initially brought together by a shared love for cosplay they soon found that each shared a unique talent and passion for dance. Together, they specialize in a variety of styles from EDM, Go-Go, Poi, Hoop, Fans, Fire, Folkloric, bellydance, contemporary, J-Pop, K-Pop, swing and blues. Often performing in cosplay their energetic, varied performances have something for everyone.


the Vixens



Ice Sculpting


Reverend Butter

Reverend Butter has his own category. He’s cool, in that rock and roll meets beautiful art kind of way. At Comicpalooza 2017 he transformed several blocks of ice into masterpieces before our eyes. Instead of telling you, let’s show you.    


Reverend Butter






One of the classic American metal bands of the '80s, Houston's own Helstar burst onto the scene in 1984 with Burning Star, a tough, uncompromising debut. They released four more discs before taking a hiatus. Eventually, they found their way back to the stage and studio, releasing a series of exciting albums, the most recent of which, Vampiro, dropped in 2016.

Learn more about the pioneers of American power metal on the Helstar Bio page.


Helstar 2


Otaku Acoustic

Otaku Acoustic is an anime & video game music acoustic cover band performing their own acoustic covers and renditions of opening and ending theme songs from select anime shows, cartoons, and video games.


Otaku Acoustic


September Mourning

September Mourning's debut EP (Volume I) and comic book (A Murder of Reapers) tells an epic tale of “heartbreak, loss, pain, joy, love, redemption, but most of all, courage…” while the comic book chronicles the first chapter of her story. Produced by Sahaj Ticotin and Howard Benson, September Mourning revives the concept of rock star meets superhero. The character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance and thus toys with Fate. To expound on this narrative, September is working with iconic comic book artist Marc Silvestri, who started out on the original X-Men comics and went on to form Top Cow Productions (Witchblade, The Darkness). Together, they are putting together the story of September Mourning in graphic form, to accompany, and enhance the musical message.

To learn more about September Mourning, visit the artist's bio page.

September Mourning 2





After Midnight

Celebrating six years on the road, After Midnight is Texas’ premiere shadowcast entertainment troop. They have entertained audiences from El Paso to South Padre with their infectious brand of audience participation theater. Shows performed include: Rocky Horror, Dr. Horrible, Repo! the Genetic Opera, and Young Frankenstein. With a high energy live performance, and an audience encouraged to sing, dance and interact, they are becoming a favorite of Comicpalooza!

After Midnight


Classical Theater Company

The Classical Theatre Company is dedicated to boldly re-envisioning classical drama on the stage, in the community, and in the classroom through engaging and enlightening plays that bring them new life and relevance while maintaining the integrity that the works deserve. The Classical Theatre Company is the only professional theatre company in the Houston area that produces year round classical drama.

Classical Theatre Company