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The Zone Film Festival

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The ZONE Film Festival is a place for filmmakers from all over the world to share SCI-FI and FANTASY films with a diverse and varied audience. We hope to create a platform where these projects can reach the widest audience possible and have the deepest impact. To do so we have partnered with the LARGEST convention of its kind in the state of TEXAS, COMiCPALOOZA! With more than 45,000 in attendance last year, a ton of celebrities, industry people, artists, writers, cosplayers, geeks, nerds, fans and now filmmakers, and film fans, this is the best possible venue to screen and promote your Sci-Fi/Fantasy films in front of a REAL and potentially very large audience!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! We Will NO LONGER ACCEPT FAN FILMS! If you have a Fan Film, please submit to our newest Film Festival "Extended Universes".

Extended Universes Fan Film Festival

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In 2018, Comicpalooza welcomed the newly created, Extended Universes Fan Film Festival. Passionate film makers write, produce, and submit films based on their favorite franchises. The only film festival of its kind in Texas will showcase winners throughout this year’s Comicpalooza. If you would like to participate in this new exciting opportunity or want to learn more click here.