Comicpalooza May 22-24, 2020
Activities Literature Conference

Comicpalooza's Literature Conference educated and inspired. Published novelists, covering a variety of genres, shared their experiences with attendees. Writers, aspiring authors, and fans had the opportunity to participate in workshops, attend panels, gain exposure within the industry, discuss projects, and meet their favorite writer.

Types of Literature Events

The Literature Conference had approximately 60 hours of diverse offerings that included didactic discussions, read & critique sessions, writing workshops, author spotlights, and fan roundtables.  Fun genre panels encompassed discussions on horror, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and much more. Comicpalooza’s Literature Conference provided a number of styles for listening, exploring, and discussing literature.

Author Lead Panels and Q&A
Do you want to ask where that brilliant idea came from or learn the process to uncover your creative genius? Do you have a lot of questions or simply want to sit and listen to professional authors who you admire? Attendees went to one of our many panels and had a seat while we discussed the wonderful worlds of literature.

Fan Roundtables
By fans, for fans, with fans! There was an opportunity to join your fellow readers for a rousing, interactive discussion including YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fan Fiction and Thrillers: good, bad and ugly.

Read and Critique Sessions
Are you an aspiring author? Do you want professional and peer critique of your work? Attendees brought their pages and joined us for daily interactive small-group critique sessions. There were set time limits to read aloud and receive feedback.

Character-building Springboard Writing Workshop
Drawing from popular television, movies, and books, this workshop explored how to create in-depth worlds in your novels and short fiction. Fans brought pieces they were working on, or started something new using exercises from the workshop.  

Featured Literature Events           

With so many panels to choose from, it could have been difficult to know where to start. Here’s what we offered throughout the weekend: 

Featured Guest Q&As and unique discussions for avid readers included:

  • Open Mic Reading for All Genres

  • Timothy Zahn Introspective

  • Cory Doctorow Introspective

  • Wesley Chu & Sam Sykes Introspective

Ravenous readers enjoyed these entertaining panels:

  • The Storytelling of Game of Thrones

  • Writing Robots and AI

  • Evil-ution of Literary Horror

  • Blood! Gore! How to Write Heroic Fantasy

  • Cyberpunk Returns, but Did It Ever Really Go Away?

  • Magic Systems for Writers

  • Horror for the 21st Century: Film and Literature

  • Beyond Earthsea: Ursula K. Le Guin's Writing Legacy

  • Writing and Reading Mysteries and Thrillers

  • Setting the Hook, Screenwriting and Your First 10 Pages

  • Creature Horror: Why We Are Drawn To It, and How To Create Montsters

Aspiring writers, those that teach, write for fun or wanted to learn about the process took advantage of workshops and didactic offerings:

  • World-building for Short Stories, Novelettes, and Novellas

  • Help! I'm an introvert!: Networking and Marketing for Writers

  • Art & Writing Crossovers from Comics to Artist Collaborations

  • Stop Copycats: Protect Your Ideas

  • Idea to Publishing: Behind the Scenes with Indie Authors

  • Writing Powerful Women in Genre Fiction

  • Writing With/Against Your Gender/Orientation/Ethnicity/Identity

  • Copyrights and Conduct: The Legal Side of Conventions

  • Worldbuilding Tips and Tricks: How to Create Believable Worlds

  • Words Matter: Crafting the Perfect Sentence

  • How to Avoid Legal Potholes in Your Writing and Publishing

Kids enjoyed delving into discussions about:  

  • The Storytelling of Star Wars

  • Pottermore: Harry Potter and Beyond Fantastic Beasts

  • Sci-fi Writers on the Next Gen of Star Trek

  • Speculative Poetry Deathmatch!

2019 Featured Authors

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars Thrawn Alliances, Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy, Cobra Series, Conquerors' Trilogy, Blackcollar Trilogy, Manticore Ascendant Trilogy

Wesley Chu

The Lives of Tao, The Deaths of Tao, The Rebirth of Tao, Time Salvager, Time Siege, The Rise of IO

Cory Doctorow

Walkaway, In Real Life, Homeland, Pirate Cinema, Little Brother, Rapture of the Nerds, Makers, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Sam Sykes

Seven Blades in Black, The Bring Down Heaven Trilogy, An Affinity For Steel, Brave Chef Brianna

Martha Wells

Star Wars: Razor's Edge: Empire And Rebellion, Raksura Series, Ile-Rien Series

2019 Authors

Ammar Habib

Memories Of My Future, Dark Guardian Series

Amy Sisson


Andrea Barbosa


Ashley Nemer


B. Alan Bourgeois

Spirit Never Dies, Short Stories By Texas Authors

Barbara Ann Wright

Children of the Healer, Coils

Bev Vincent

The Dark Tower Companion, The Stephen King Illustrated Companion

Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

The Orangery, Strange Monsters

C. Stuart Hardwick


C. D. Lewis


Carrie Patel

The Recoletta Trilogy, Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire

Cassandra Rose Clarke


Channing Whitaker


Chantell Renee


Cheyanne Young

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Fangs and Halos Series

Cornelia G. Amiri


D. C. Gomez


D.L. Young

Dark Republic Series, Juarez Square and Other Stories

D. Marie Prokop

The Red String, The Shorter Things Collection

Dantzel Cherry


Deborah L. Davitt


Dennis Calloway

Author - Return to Earth

Dicey Grenor


Dominick D'Aunno

NASA Physician-Scientist

Dorothy Tinker

Author - Peace of Evon Series

Doug Goodman

Author - Cadaver Dog series, Kaiju Fall

E. L. DuBois


E. L. Russell

Deadly Awakenings

Emily Evans


Fern Brady


Gerald Hanks


George Wright Padgett


Glenn Lazar Roberts


G.M. Kelso


H.C.H. Ritz


Holly Lyn Walrath

Glimmerglass Girl

Ian Michael Everett


Ira Domnitz

Patent, copyright and trademark attorney

Jae Mazer

Chrysalis and Clan, Gahl's Door

Jacqueline Patricks


Jay Brandon

Author - Shadow Knight's Mate, Deadbolt, Fade the Heat, Loose Among the Lambs

Jessica Raney


Jody T. Morse

Author - TexasLiving, ArtHouston

John Shade


K.J. Russell


K.M. Tolan

Author - Tracks, Blade Dancer

Kate Pentecost

Elysium Girls

Kelly Lynn Colby

Author - Tarbin's True Heir

Kevin Tumlinson

The Girl In The Mayan Tomb, The Coelho Medallion, Wordslinger Podcast

Laura Liddell Nolen


Leo King


Lisa Vasquez

CEO of Stitched Smile Publications, Author of THE UNFLESHED: Tale of the Autopsic Bride

Manning Wolfe


Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead, Bound By Blood

Marianne Dyson

Author/NASA Flight Controller

Marshall Ryan Maresca

Author - The Thorn of Dentonhill, A Murder Of Mages, The Alchemy Of Chaos, An Import Of Intrigue

Martine Lewis

The Gray Eyes Series

Melanie Bragg

Author - Crosstown Park

Melanie Fletcher


Melissa Algood


Melissa Schroeder


Michael Wilson


Michael Glazner

Michelle Muenzler


Missy Jane


P. J. Hoover

Author: Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life, Solstice

Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Trail Ways Pilgrims: Stories

Patrick Hemstreet

The God Peak, The God Wave

Patrice Sarath

The Crow God's Girl, The Sisters Mederos

Rhonda Eudaly


Russell Little


Shannon Winton


Raven Raye


Rose Garcia


Saba Syed Razvi


Tex Thompson

Author - Children of the Drought

Wayne Basta

the Aristei Series

William Ledbetter