Comicpalooza May 22-24, 2020
Activities Maker's Space

Maker’s Space was a wonderland for the creative and the curious, the inventive and the technical. Cosplayers, artists, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, are able to envision, create, and build using old and new technology, from small electrical parts to towering 3D printers and Lego masterpieces. We even had a cosplay repair station! Unleash your imagination. 

3D Imagine
Photographs were turned into life-like 3D Figurines using 3D software.

Bad Mood Leather Studio
Attendees discovered the fine leatherworks of this Austin, TX craftsman who specializes in original and cosplay armor that creates functional art and fandom pieces inspired by a love of fantasy, gaming, and pop culture.

Visitors stopped by Creatorspace and stimulated their imaginations with drones, 3D printing, hand forged iron work, raspberry pi and arduino projects, laser cut projects, jointly made art, molecular gastronomy, adult power wheels, and a bevy of other assorted projects.

DaVinci Maker Labs
Like the name suggests, DaVinci Maker Labs was a blend of science, engineering, art and fabrication. With a broad audience appeal and a wide range of tools, technologies, and interests, virtually anyone found something of interest.

DaVinci Maker Labs also offered a FREE Cosplay Repair Station if cosplayers needed some assistance with cosplay malfunction.

EPO Webster
Anyone who liked electronics, gadgets, toys, and things that bling or move, enjoyed EPO Webster where you learned how to be an engineer and repair, create, and build your own gizmos and gadgets. 

You’ve never experienced VR like this. ExitusVR is the only virtual reality escape room in Houston. And, the only one that allows up to 6 players to escape the COSMOS simultaneously, rescue a child in the game MIND HORROR, defeat a crazy composer on DECOMPOSE, or escape your office from the deadly Belko Experiment before time runs out! Players flew in zero gravity, solved puzzles, shot robots with lasers, and much more through single player or even multiplayer experiences! 

Harris County Public Library
There were a variety of activities throughout the weekend ranging from 3d printing and laser cutting demos, to coding for kids and crafting.

Fans played Hiraethia, an anime RPG for apple and android devices. Players interacted with characters, went on quests, and found treasures to keep.

Houston Brick Club
Attendees checked out a display of some of the most Elaborate LEGO Creations or played in our two brick areas and showed off their creativity!

Houston Public Library
Visit the Houston Public Library area to participate in STEM and craft activities and explore a small mobile library that showcases special features.

Think you have what it takes to solve Complex Puzzles? Attendees took the challenge at this hands-on, interactive booth with tons of puzzles to play.

Rare Item Studios
The first reveal of the upcoming Indie game took place, Dono's Tale, a charming 16 bit inspired run & gun platformer. You could learn about the game, how it was developed, and play a special demo build. Posters, pins, stickers and other goodies featuring the characters in the game were given out.