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Maker’s Space is a wonderland for the creative and the curious, the inventive and the technical. Cosplayers, artists, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, are encouraged to envision, create, and build using old and new technology, from small electrical parts to towering 3D printers. In 2017, we brought in the following groups to help unleash the imagination.

3D Distributed

3D Distributed uses raw material, their 3D printing, and the imagination to create something new. 

Cosine Additive

3D printing is the hottest thing in consumer technology. Cosine Additive, a manufacturer of 3D printers, brought their AM1 3D printer, 3D printed parts and props for attendees to see and interact. It was educational, interactive, and fun for kids and adults.


Creatorspace promotes and encourages technical, scientific, and artistic skills through individual projects, social collaboration, and education. 2017 Comicpalooza attendees watched technology demonstrations and participated in workshops. They saw projects from Creatorspace members, 3D printer, laser cutter/engravers, quadcopters, and participated in several large, interactive games. They could also participate in several kid accessible games and demonstrations.

DaVinci Maker Labs

Like the name suggests, DaVinci Maker Labs is a blend of science, engineering, art, and fabrication. With a broad audience appeal and a wide range of tools, technologies, and interests, virtually anyone can find something of interest. Cosplayers who had a malfunction during our 2017 show were able to use the DaVinci Maker Labs Cosplay repair station.

EPO Webster

Attendees who like electronics, gadgets, toys, and things that bling or move enjoyed EPO Webster where they learned how to engineer and repair their own gizmos.


The first, and only, virtual reality escape room came to Comicpalooza in 2017! There were VR games with the latest in gaming technology, where attendees could become an avatar and complete a mission with other team mates.

Harris County Library

Learn about the successes and the opportunities at the Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab, a free community makerspace at the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch library in Clear Lake. At Comicpalooza 2017 attendees were able to participate in free maker activities, use equipment, and get samples. There was also an impressive graphic novel collection!

MaKr U

MaKr U is a mobile bus housing a unique and complete makerspace for learning, dreaming, building, and creating. Comicpalooza 2017 attendees were able to visit and learn about programming or create a stop motion animation!

That is Me 3D

Take your selfies to the next level with 3D selfies. 360 degree images can be taken of people and pets and used on social media or 3D printed into statues ranging in size from 3” – 9”.  Attendees of Comicpalooza 2017 were able to see how it worked, commemorating the day with something completely cool, and totally unforgettable! That is Me is the lowest price provider in the nation.