Comicpalooza May 22-24, 2020

Panel Rules and Guidelines

Providing fun, interesting, and educational panels and workshops for our attendees is one of the many things that makes Comicpalooza different. It’s important that you and those around you have a good experience. Below you’ll find helpful information and basic guidelines that should allow everyone to enjoy themselves:

All Panels

All sessions are found on the third floor and can be accessed via escalators, and elevators.

Seating in panel rooms is “first come, first served” with the exception of VIPs, and Speed pass holders for that panel, who receive priority access

Some panels occur more than once over the weekend, if you miss the first one you may be able to attend the next.

Popular panels will require that all vacant seats are filled. Do not leave gaps in between seats; save seats; or put bags, purses, etc., in the seat next to you.

Remain seated during the panel or presentation unless otherwise requested by the panelist or Comicpalooza staff. 

For safety reasons, if a panel room is full, and you cannot find a seat, do not stay: Doorways and hallways must not be blocked in case of emergency.

Recordings, video footage and pictures are at the panelists’ discretion. Some panels, such as the guest Q&A and the theater room, may prohibit recordings and pictures due to contractual obligations and copyright laws. Please be mindful and respectful when going into a panel room where these rules might apply.

Celebrity Q&As are for all who attend and timing should be observed. When asking questions, please be succinct. We also ask that you not request a hug, kiss, autograph, etc., during the Q&A. Due to time constraints, it is possible that some people will not be able to ask a question.

Cell phones must be set to vibrate or the volume turned low when going into a panel as not to disturb the panel. If you must take a call, we ask that you leave the room. Remember to be courteous to those around you.

Please don’t linger in a panel room after it is over.

Please discard trash in the proper receptacle outside the panel room. These rooms are used several times over the course of the weekend, and cleaning crews do not come until late in the evening.

Guest or panel cancellations occur on rare occasions. These are usually situations outside of the convention’s control. Keep in mind that all listed panels, workshops, events and Q&A are subject to change.