Anime Car Show

Itasha Showdown: A Car Runway Experience

The coolest cars on the block make their Comicpalooza debut this year. Themed with beloved anime and other pop-culture fandoms, this sight is one to see.

Alejandro Gerardo aka Tokyo

My name is Alejandro Gerardo aka Tokyo as my team likes to call me. I'm the owner of Tokyo Houston. I drive a 1998 itasha wrapped Acura Integra. It has bc coilovers, mugen spoiler, type r side skirts, type r front lip and a dna exhaust system, interior has corbeau bucket seat and rails, nrg quick release system, sickspeed racing harness and Amazon harness bar. But enough about my car, let me tell you about Tokyo Houston. We specialize in window banners and T-shirt printing, we also do custom orders and designing. We travel around for events and our booth has stickers, shirts, hats, shorts, lanyards, keychains and jackets!

Bruce Gilmore - 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye

My name is Bruce Gilmore. I own this 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye. I love DC comics especially over marvel. My two favorite characters are of course the Joker and Batman. As a kid growing up in the early 90’s I watched and owned every Batman movie that came out . I also loved the McDonald’s happy meals that came with the Batman, Mr. Freeze, and The Joker toys. The reason why I chose the joker as a theme is because as a military veteran, you hear all the time how military people are so serious. There is a pandemic going on along with social media having a bigger impact then it’s ever had. When I came up with the pictures, I wanted to add as many faces as I could and ask the infamous question, why so serious? The life you have is precious and beautiful. This world is the most beautiful place in the entire galaxy. When people make you mad or upset, you let it roll off your shoulder and ask yourself why so serious and smile. Laughter and smiling are truly contagious, I believe whole heartedly. I will continue the build and with it add many smiles and show a creative side of me that a lot of people don’t know and don’t see. I truly believe this is a one and only.

Daniel Frison - Scarlet Spider Daytona

My name is Daniel Frison and I am the driver of the 2018 Miles Morales themed Dodge Charger Daytona, also known as the Scarlet Spider Daytona. I am a HUGE spiderman fan, always have been and always will be. Amazing Spiderman was the first comic series I ever read but Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) was the first series I purchased on my own. Along with being into comics (Marvel, DC, Image), I am also into anime, gaming, and photography! My Instagram is @Scarletspider_Daytona, the name comes from my car being named Scarlet/Spiderman themed, and Daytona is the trim of my car.

The reason I got into customizing my car is because I ultimately want to take my car(s) to children’s hospitals and cosplay for kids. I want to be able to provide that excitement and fun to kids who are living their life the best they can as they get treatments to beat whatever illness they have. As Uncle Ben said, with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, and I feel it is my goal to spread joy through my car to kids and families I come across.

A huge question I always get is, why Miles Morales? Well in 2011 when Miles debuted, I could finally relate to a Spiderman in ways I never could before. I could see myself in Miles’ shoes. I’ve dealt with some of the same identity struggles he had, and had to learn to navigate certain encounters and social issues just like he did. I had a hero that understood my life as if from MY unique point of view, and that representation gave me so much joy and validation. It made a huge impact to see my favorite character look and live and triumph like me, and I want to use my car to share that inspiration with everyone I come into contact with.

David Elmore - Demonslayer Car

My name is David Elmore and I own a Demon Slayer, Nezuko themed Scion FRS which was designed and installed by Xpress Skins in Houston, Texas. To compliment my custom itasha wrap, I have added custom rims, a spoiler, and a lowered suspension to give this itasha car my very own personal touch.

I am also an owner of Xpress Skins. Xpress skins was born from the idea of providing customization services for phone cases, since we were tired of wearing the same boring case all the time. But, one day, we decided to stop and ask ourselves what really brings us together; and what do we really would love to do? The answer was unanimous, which was anything anime-related.

At that point, we understood the path we needed to take and develop our business and become one of the leaders in our niche of all types of custom anime things including itasha wraps.

The ultimate challenge for Xpress Skins is to build a community of the forgotten ones; a brotherhood between those that cannot usually fit in society, those that like anime, the ones that suffer from anxiety, introverts, entrepreneurs, weebs, and all those people that are simply like us. For the simple objective of helping each other, and others as much as we can.

If you are ever visiting Houston, Texas, then please feel free to stop in to talk to me or anyone on our team.

We can’t wait to meet you at this year's show, so look for us and tell us what you think of our awesome little ride.

Devon Brown - Dodge Charger ScatPack

My build is a 2018 Dodge Charger ScatPack. The color is B5 Blue. The theme I chose for my build was DragonBall Z Goku Blue. As you look at my photo, the goal was to do something different and also relate to many 80s babies and 90s kids. I believe I have selected some tasteful mods to really hit home with this event. Goku Blue has been modified quite a bit, from front to back. I choose this particular build due to reflecting my life thus far. It has been a struggle for me to be motivated at certain times in my life. Some hit harder than other obstacles did.

In Dragon Ball Z, Goku has faced all types of challenges and obstacles. Goku definitely has overcome his limitations, time and time again. I have as well from being deployed and serving my country, to going through a divorce, state-to-state moves, and family separation. Through all of that, I have achieved an inner strength that has kept my family and I safe through it all, like Goku has ascended to greater levels to help protect his family and those around him. That's why I choose this particular theme because no matter what life throws at you, you get back up, train yourself, build yourself and try again. I can honestly say that's why I love my ride and what it stands for.

Eduardo aka @bigboat5

My name is Eduardo aka @bigboat5.7. I have been in the car community for 3 years and am part of a car club called Underground Nation. Recently I started to get into itasha wraps. The more I see them, the more I wanted to do one for my challenger. I plan to one day be able to wrap my whole car as a demon slayer theme but for now, enjoy the demon slayer partial wrap I have. I can't wait to meet more people that enjoy anime and cars.

Giancarlo Frazier

My name is Giancarlo Frazier, and I am a 22 year old Content Creator, Cosplayer, Itasha Owner, and Anime Influencer. I was born in Fairfield, California and my love for anime and comics started at a very young age. Growing up I wasn't in the most stable household, due to this I lived in multiple parts of California where the crime rate was very high. This especially was made true for the people who fit my demographic. A lot of young people my age found ways to be accepted by others by resulting to bad things and involving themselves in illegal activity. It was the norm around that time. However, I was never interested in such things. I found my love for cartoons and anime at this young age as an escape from being in the streets, an escape from the real world so to speak. The older generation around me were also involved with lots of activity that I refused to do. Because of this I found a lot of life lessons within Anime and Cartoons and my drive to make it out of a terrible situation made me flesh out further into Animation.

Now I Cosplay and create content with the hope of being able to generate revenue off of it and have it be my career. And with the more years that come the more knowledge I gain, with my past experiences and new ones I make sure to always talk to the younger generation that fit the demographic of me before letting them know there's always another way out other than using illegal methods. Don't be scared to be yourself.

Isac Ramos

I am a Combat Veteran, a retired New York City (NYPD) Police Officer and a former Federal Police Officer. I served during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn conducting multiple combat Special Operations missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries throughout the Middle East. As an NYPD Police Officer, I worked throughout the 5 boroughs ensuring the constitutional rights of all citizens while preserving a safe environment that ensured the reduction of fear, the preservation of peace, and the enforcement of laws. I was assigned many different assignments and to various units such as the Field Training Officer (F.T.O.), Impact Response Team, Crisis Intervention Officer, Gang Intelligence, Narcotics, etc.

In 2016, I was injured in the Line of Duty while affecting an arrest and was unable to continue my service as a Police Officer for the NYPD due to the extent of my injuries. After a couple of years of rehabilitation, I am now able to function properly and live an otherwise normal life. I am extremely grateful for the experiences (both good and bad) that I have had with the Military and the NYPD even though it led to my early retirement. I then became a Federal Police Officer working for the Veterans Administration Police Department, but recently stopped due to medical reasons.

I am also the Founder/President of a local Car Club in Houston, TX called Exalted Royalty which competes in most of the shows throughout Houston, TX (Winning almost ALL that we compete in) and also attends events and fundraisers that benefit local Law Enforcement, Active Military, Veterans, Churches, and the Community. I am a Representative for ReLEntless Defender (a Law Enforcement Apparel Company) which uses parts of the proceeds generated from the sales of shirts to donate to the families of fallen law enforcement officers who were killed in the Line of Duty. Each year almost $1,000,000 is raised and donated to those families.

Jerome - Subzero Charger

Subzero! The coldest car you'd probably ever seen, literally.

My name is “Jerome aka Subzero_charger”. I am an automotive influencer from Phoenix ,AZ originally from Chicago, Illinois. My subzero charger is a 2015 Dodge Charger SXT. It may not have big engine, but that's okay with me, because it will still freeze your soul!

My custom Subzero wrap was designed and installed by @WrapseshAz, the best wrap team in Arizona hands down. For me, this is one of the best custom mortal kombat wraps I think you will see on the streets or at any comic convention.

So far, I have added custom tire lettering from, custom lighting, plus much more and will have a few surprises that will be added before the event! Please tune into my YouTube channel and Instagram to find out what they are.

I am a very cool and easy going guy, so if you see me on the show floor and you have any questions about my car, don’t be afraid to say hello and ask me anything. I'm also good at Mortal Kombat, Sub-zero isn't on the car for no reason!

Jonathan - f8_hellcat

My name is Jonathan, also known as f8_hellcat on Instagram. The whole thought process behind the theme of my wrap kind of came out of nowhere. I originally wanted to do a camo wrap but I quickly changed my mind due to everyone having a camo wrap. I wanted to do something different than everyone else but I didn’t want to cover the original color of the car, which is f8 green. I had an idea of doing tiger stripes on top of the green it being a Hellcat. Shine Graffix did what he does best and brought the image in my head to life. Not once did I think about Cringer the Battle Cat. I have to give credit to Jose from Modfx. He was reminded of He-Man & Battle Cat as soon as he saw my wrap. He sent me a picture of him and that’s where the theme for the car started. I just wanted to do something different, unique in my own way. Everything just fell into place.

A year and a half ago is when I made the jump and bought my dream car. My 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat. Never would I have thought that I would’ve met so many people through the car community. One of the best feelings about driving the Battle Cat themed car is seeing all the kids reactions as they drive by. It reminds me of when I was a kid being excited when I saw a cool car drive by. I’m just getting started with the car and have a lot more planned to complete my build. I appreciate all the constant love and support from the people around me and everyone following me on this journey.

Joshua - Boba Fett and The Mandalorian

I'm Joshua and @BugEnforcer on Instagram. My car is themed after Boba Fett and The Mandalorian to symbolize the code of honor both Boba Fett and The Mandalorian follow. Boba Fett is the enforcer of the Star Wars galaxy and doesn't let anything get in the way of his goals. Driving and owning a HellCat is a badge of honor, much like the symbols worn on Mandalorian armor. It signifies strength and perseverance through difficult times, to a brighter future. I use my car to promote his passion to others. I want to encourage them to never give up their passions and to be the enforcers of their own destinies.

Kathy Michelle - Carmic.Con My Hero Academia Telsa

My name is Kathy Michelle and I will be driving and exhibiting the Carmic.Con My hero Academia Tesla. I am a Native Houstonian and exemplary educator. Besides the fully custom MHA anime wrap, my 2020 Tesla has 20-inch Ferrada wheels with custom wheel lettering. It is a fully self-driving car and is equipped with all the bells and whistles that Tesla has to offer. I decided to go with a full My Hero Academia theme wrap, which was custom designed by Fracturize and installed by Xpress skins to tell a story of this series hero Izuku Midoriya standing off against the leader of the league of villains, Tomura Shigaraki and his associate Himiko Toga. During their battle, I illustrate how Himiko Toga steals Midoriya‘s blood, takes his form, and fights Midoriya as Midoriya.

I am proud to be selected and highlighted for my anime car this year. I am a proud educator for Fort Bend I.S.D. and have worked in the education field for 13 years specializing in working with Texas Title-1 campuses in their district. This means I support and service low-income schools that have a high percentage rate of economically disadvantaged students and families.

I always try to find ways to help support our schools and communities. Classifying myself as a servant leader, I strongly believe in leading by example and encouraging others to be their best regardless of their circumstances. My favorite quote is “anything and everything is possible", and I truly believe that.

Kimmy - Mortal Kombat Truck

I am a former Federal Homeland Security Lead Officer that provided protection and security to passengers in airports and public transit systems. I supervised 50+ employees, assisted with investigations and preparing incident reports/various documents. I also engaged in continuous development of critical thinking skills necessary to mitigate security threats by identifying, evaluating, and applying appropriate situational options and approaches. I was instrumental in the training of incoming officers being that I was part of the Training Department. Those duties included reassessing employees, providing further training upon failures and mentoring employees on proper techniques and procedures. In addition, I conducted security checks on travelers and workers, checking ticket information with identification documents, checking bags and belongings, tracking suspicious actions, dealing with offenders; writing and reporting incident reports, and responding to security alerts, to provide security among travelers and stopping potential threats.

I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and a minor in law. Now, I am currently a stay at home mom that is happily married with my Husband of 11 years and have 2 daughters. The Truck is a 2018 F150 XLT. It sits on a 6" Trail Master Lift Kit and Suspension. It has KMC Rockstar XD Wheels wrapped with 35" Open Country Toyo Tires and Westin Pro Traxx 4 running boards. The interior has been converted to an all leather interior. My husband surprised me with a wrapped Mortal Kombat theme on my truck because growing up he knew that I liked the video game. In addition, both of our daughters loved all the Mortal Kombat movies as well as playing the video games with him. The characters chosen for the wrap were of my favorite 3 characters (Scorpion, Sub Zero, & Raiden) plus the newest character created for the most recent movie (Cole Young). The amount of detail and design put into this wrap is AMAZING. Joe Solis (Owner of IMAGE GRAFIX) designed each and every element of the characters as well as the backgrounds specific for each one of them (I highly recommend that you check out his work on Instagram or Facebook and that if you are looking to get a wrap done to contact him). In addition, every inch of the truck has been customized to somehow or someway pay tribute to Mortal Kombat. The lighting was done by John Ortega (Owner of Marine Kustomz) and just gives the truck that insane nostalgic glow from the movies that each character has (Again, I highly recommend that you check out his work as well on Instagram and that if you are looking to get a wrap done to contact him).

King aka Mr. Sip - Splatter/Deadpool

My name is King aka Mr. Sip and I drive Splatter/Deadpool themed 2015 Dodge Challenger that’s painted with the theme of Deadpool!

I’ve been into cars since I was 16 and this is my 5th dodge but the first one that I’ve ever modified and personalized to fit me and my personality, which is the definition of different! I’ve been a huge fan of Deadpool since I was a kid with a room full of comic books and action figures! I never liked the same ol' super hero thing, so Deadpool matched my energy and witty dark sense of humor.

I’ve been in the themed car community for less than a year but came out of nowhere and made my name standout just like my car!!!

Louis Jolivette - 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT {Superman}

My name is Louis Jolivette, I’ve had my 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT {Superman} themed car for sometime now. I've also been a part of the car-show & club communities for 5 years. I am an avid collector of DC, Marvel, & Dragon Ball - Z collectibles.

I love the themed & itasha car community because it shows diversity, imagination, & commitment to whatever design or style we commit to our cars. It can be a superhero, villain, or itasha themed car, either way, we put our hearts into doing this to our cars.

The reason I chose to do Superman was because of my son. We’ve been collecting superman memorabilia since he was born and while growing up, I was real big into him as well. I can remember watching the very first superman movie, which starred Christopher Reeves. When his father, Jor-el said to him “my son you will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, but in time, they will join you in the sun. In time you will help them accomplish wonders,” I was inspired. I applied this to my life in hopes that one day my son will understand the meaning of what it means to be a real hero in real life. Also the smile on a kid's face when he sees a car like mine is priceless to me.

To be “unique” in my lane, that’s one thing that I strive for. Most people use this word to describe someone or something as being one in a million. Well this can be true, but “unique” to me is someone that you won't see wasting time at the end of the rainbow. You'll see them riding that rainbow. Unique doesn't just come as a word, but it comes as an action. They do what others are too afraid to do and a lot of sweat, tears, and quality time goes into it and I just love it.

Superman out.

Marcus - SCARLET

My name is Marcus, aka mopar_marcus. I've been in the itasha car community for two years now. I've had a mortal kombat themed challenger and now a charger r/t that is Mortal Kombat themed. The car is themed after the fighter SKARLET, but I spell it SCARLET.

I am the president of Kingz and Queenz Mopar Houston, one of Houston's premier Car Clubs. I am a big fan of comics, and an even bigger fan of cars so I am deeply in love with the American Itasha community. I believe that the cars we exhibit are an extension of our personalities, which we love to express in so many colorful ways.

Comic conventions are one great opportunity for me to meet new people and acquire some awesome ideas as I continue on my journey to create an awesome car build for our American Itasha community.

Marques Johnson

I am Marques Johnson @BigToolie. I have been a member of the Mopar Mafia (Houston Chapter) for 3 years now. I love Itasha cars for their class, individuality, and distinction. I feel they are a big part of the car world.

My car is GI JOE themed, a favorite growing up, for the action and the characters plus the narratives. One of my major goals this year is to network with more people with an interest in customizing their cars. So enjoy my good (Snake Eyes) vs the bad (Storm Shadow) GI JOE Car and always remember “KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.”

Mohammad - OniGanCo

My name is Mohammad Abdulla. I am the OniGanCo Itasha Owner, Business Brand Owner, and an enthusiastic fan just as everyone else is. I have had an Itasha for 5 years now. My brand is called OniGanCo which means Demon Gun Company. I started my brand in 2020. I sell t-shirts and stickers and I have been in the anime/itasha scene for awhile now and I’ve met such wonderful people it is such a blessing to be apart of this community.

Please check out my website and my Instagram @oniganco.

Shaun - Cyborg

Originally known as a member of the Teen Titan when DC rebooted its comic book series, our guy Cyborg was established as a founding member of the Justice League.

My name is Shaun and I am a huge fan of Cyborg. I commissioned this custom fanart project featuring Cyborg for my dodge challenger's wrap because he is one of my favorite characters. I think he is one of those characters that doesn't really get noticed as much as he should, so I’m hoping to change that wherever I go in my 2020 widebody scat pack challenger.

So far on my 2020 widebody scat pack challenger, I have installed a custom double sunroof, wicker-bill, custom diffuser, 4k reflective wrap, color changing lights in grill and headlight, custom badges, tint 5% all around and 35% on the windshield. I also have a set of custom 22-in Giovanna wheels and tires.

Wendy - Gwenom

My name is Wendy. My car is a C7 Corvette Stingray Coupe, original color yellow. It has a Lambo door kit installed, full interior remodel with custom upholstery; red and gray upholstery to accent Gwenom’s red tongue and the red calipers on the outside of car with Gwenom images sewn into seats, and console and door panels. I'll add in red Forgiato wheels when the upholstery is complete.

There's a full wrap in matte black with a Gwenom image along the sides in a glossy black with glossy black and iridescent web accents and a spider symbol on the hood.

I'm a female driver. I work in healthcare, am a fitness bikini competitor, vette lover and love fast cars. I'm also a Marvel/ DC fan, longtime superhero enthusiast and currently favoring my female villain.