Fandom Court

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Sign up for a chance to participate in mock trials all weekend featuring a wide variety of topics to argue about.

First prize winner receives a Marvel Epic Collection Volume of Power Man and Iron Fist.

Second prize winner received Volume 1 of Thor God Butcher.

Fandom Court PromptsTime
Who's more villainous: Darth Sidious or Voldemort?Saturday, July 17 11:00 AM
Which orcs are better: Orkz from Warhammer 40K or Orcs from The Lord of the Rings?Saturday, July 17 11:30 AM
Who was the better flying companion: Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender or Falkor from the Neverending Story?Saturday July 17 1:00 PM
Who would win in fight: Superman v Goku?Saturday July 17 1:30 PM
Which team would win the battle on a deserted island: JLA v The Avengers?Saturday July 17 3:00 PM
In a high school MMA charity match, who would win the championship title: A.C. Slater v Danny LaRusso?Saturday July 17 3:30 PM
In Earth's greatest time of need, who would you rather call upon to save the planet: Doctor Strange or Doctor Who?Saturday July 17 5:00 PM
Is Din Djarin (the Mandalorian) more likely to capture Frank Castle (the Punisher) – or is the Punisher more likely to eliminate the Mandalorian?Saturday July 17 5:30 PM
Who would you rather take over the Universe: Thanos or Darkseid?Sunday July 18 10:30 AM
Who costs taxpayers more money: Godzilla or Megazord?Sunday July 18 11:00 AM
Who is more likely to win at a game of poker: Lando Calrissian or Data?Sunday July 18 12:30 PM
Which billionaire is the better city protector: Iron Man or Batman?Sunday July 18 1:00 PM
Who is more patriotic: Captain America or Superman?Sunday July 18 2:30 PM
Who would draw the bigger crowd at a travelling circus: Sabrina Spellman or Zatanna?Sunday July 18 3:00 PM
Your spaceship has been invaded by hostile aliens, who are you calling: Ellen Ripley or Samus Aran?Sunday July 18 4:00 PM
Who is the grandest of all wizards: Gandalf or Dumbledore?Sunday July 18 4:30 PM