Ultimate Werewolf Houston

Ultimate Werewolf Houston returned to Comicpalooza, so our attendees got excited! This game is dedicated to building your friend's trust, backstabbing them, and then metaphorically eating them at night as a werewolf. We have dedicated Comicpalooza as a home for people to really experience an amazing game for both veterans and newcomers alike, with our team of moderators/insiders ready to teach people this social deduction game.

Ultimate Werewolf is a social game of interaction and deduction for two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. The Villagers began play not knowing the secret identities of the Werewolves, whereas the Werewolves will be privy to all members of their pack. Both teams attempt to eliminate the other, although the Werewolves try to remain undiscovered while they slowly eliminate the Villagers. A Moderator “runs” a game, facilitating the narrative and mechanics throughout each phase. The game ends when all Villagers have been eliminated (this is a Werewolf Victory) – or all Werewolves have been eliminated (this is Villager Victory).

Over a series of Day and Night phases, the game proceeds until one of the endgame conditions has been met. During the Day phases, players work together to communicate who among them is a Werewolf. A vote determines who has been accused and eliminated from the game. However, the game requires some players to sow dissent and mislead others to win. For example, a Werewolf might try to convince the other Villagers that they are also a Villager. Each Night phase, the Werewolves choose a victim to be removed from the game. Certain phases may allow Villagers with Special Roles to activate abilities to assist in identifying and/or defending against the Werewolves.

With a wealth of options for Special Roles and Rules Variants, Ultimate Werewolf offers unlimited replayability. Games last 30-45 mins, so guests were free to drop-in or -out at their convenience. Just remember, if you plan on surviving in this Village, communication is key.