The Badge Art Competition is a unique and fun way to showcase a handful of our artists exhibiting at the show. As an exhibiting artist, you are invited to participate in this great opportunity.

Please note, the artwork you submit for any of the art badges does not have to be new art, but it does have to be your original artwork. The only other requirement is that we haven't used it in the past. Management will select all badge art winners and which badge it will be for. Badge category examples: Kids Pass, Talent, Saturday, Sunday, Exhibitors, Professional, etc.

Cool facts that might pique your interest:
  • A minimum of 13 unique badges are needed, with some badges having limited quantities and visibility.
  • Over 60,000 badges will be printed in total.
  • Each badge will list the name of the artist.
  • All selected badges will be featured on social media in advance of the show.
  • We will feature all winning artists on the Comicpalooza website and link to the page from our social media posts.
  • Each badge art winner will be recognized on our interactive exhibit floor map.
  • We are reviewing promotional opportunities in advance of the show. Last year, the badge art winners were displayed at Phoenicia which included QR codes for artist recognition.
  • We will display a poster of your badge art in front of your booth so that attendees know that badge was designed by you.
  • You will have the opportunity to pick your booth first for next year's show.

THEME: Pop-culture relevant

SPECS: 8" x 10" at 300 dpi

When preparing art for the badge, keep in mind that the border of the final design will serve as a .25" bleed, additional cropping may also be required, and information will be printed along the top as illustrated in the sample wire frames below. With that in mind, please create a piece that provides some flexibility with the focal point remaining in or near the center.

As a family-friendly event open to people of all ages and beliefs we do have a few restrictions. Artwork that contains the following may disqualify your piece:
  • Overt violence
  • Blood or gore
  • Racial slurs or demeaning content
  • Political satire
  • Sexual context
In other words, have fun but keep it tasteful!
If you have any further questions, please email exhibitors@comicpalooza.com.

Legal Stuff You Need to Know: By submitting art for use by Comicpalooza, you automatically give the Comicpalooza staff full legal right to distribute the art as deemed appropriate including advertising, program books, badges, prints or any other con-related purpose. Credit will be given to the artist who supplied it.