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Celebrity Photographs and Autographs

We have guests from across the universe, grave nightmares, under the sea, the depths of the internet, the big screen and the small coming to Comicpalooza. Or at least, the people that bring these great characters to life will be joining us May 12-14.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see them in person, get a photo taken or a collectible signed. We’re bringing in celebrity photography experts, Wolf Studios Photography, to ensure these once-in-a-lifetime photos become a keepsake you can show off for years to come. You can purchase on our site in advance now or at the show. There are a limited number available.


Autograph payments will be taken at the celebrities table unless otherwise indicated. The prices below are subject to change but reflect the most accurate information we have at this time.

Photograph and Autograph Pricing

Celebrity Guest Photograph Autograph Friday Saturday Sunday
Amanda Wyss $35.00   x x x
Amy Jo Johnson $50.00   x x x
Bill Fagerbakke $40.00 $25.00 x x x
Candice Patton $50.00 $40.00   x x
Chad Coleman $60.00   x x x
Danielle Panabaker $50.00 $40.00   x x
Felicia Day $50.00 $40.00   x x
Finn Jones $50.00   x x x
Jason David Frank $50.00   x x x
Lance Henriksen $75.00   x x x
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. $50.00   x x x
Mike Colter $60.00     x x
Robert Englund $105.00   x x x
Rodger Bumpass $40.00 $25.00 x x x
Ronee Blakeley $35.00   x x x
Steven Ogg $45.00   x x x
Tom Kenny $40.00 $40.00 x x x


Group Packages

Group Packages Photograph Autograph Friday Saturday Sunday
Nightmare On Elm Street $125.00   x x x
Power Rangers $90.00   x x x