Emily Neves

Known For: My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, Angel Beats

Appearances | Fri, Sat, Sun | Location: Hall E

Emily Neves is a voice actor, director, and script writer for FUNimation Studios, Oktratron 5000, and Sentai Filmworks. Fans might remember her from such titles as My Hero Academia (Sirius), Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Nutcracker), Pop Team Epic (Popuko, ADR script writer), Magical Girl Raising Project (Ruler), Angel Beats (Kanade "Angel" Tachibana), Clannad (Kotomi Ichinose), Future Diary (Uryuu Minene), Himouto: Umaru-chan! (Umaru Doma), Watamote (Yuu Naruse, ADR director), Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits (Aoi Tsubaki, ADR scriptwriter), Starship Troopers: Invasion (Trig, Motion Capture), Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars (Amy Snapp, Motion Capture), From the New World (Saki Watanabe), Grave of the Fireflies (Setsuko), and many, many more!

Other directing credits include: Death March to the Parallel World: Rhapsody; Maid-sama; Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions; Rozen maiden: Zurückspulen; and Dog and Scissors. Other ADR script writing credits include: Snow White with the Red Hair, Classroom of the Elite, Urahara, Ushio and Tora, Hyouka, Yona of the Dawn, and more. Emily is also an accomplished stage actor, theatre director, playwrighter, and screenwriter.