Hino Tenshi

Appearances | Sat, Sun

Hino Tenshi has been a fan of anime, games, and comics from a young age and has been making costumes and cosplaying at Texas conventions for about 20 years. She is a member of The Intrepid Productions where they have worked on costumes, props, and displays for many years and been invited as guests for various conventions in Texas and Louisiana.

Hino Tenshi is one of the founding members of Procrastiply, a two-time award-winning cosplay group of friends who enjoy making costumes together with an emphasis on creative conceptions and a mashing of genres together to produce unique, eye-catching results. She especially enjoys creating props and accessories out of surprising materials. The dramatic part of cosplay has always appealed to her, and coincided with her almost 30 years of on-stage theatrical experience. As a plus-sized cosplayer, she believes that no one should ever feel discouraged because they have been told that they don't have the "right body type" to do something that they enjoy. Cosplay is for everyone!