Knovice Cosplay

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Paige aka Knovice Cospaly is a California-based maker who loves to pull-back the curtain to share the secrets and joy of cosplay-performing. Using their theater and dance background, they hope to make performing resources more accessible to inspire more cosplayers to give the stage a chance! From script-writing, to acting, to set/prop design, and more, they cover it all so that cosplayers can be equipped to craft their own award-winning and engaging performances for an audience.

Not just a performer, Paige is also a self-taught sewist and costume-maker who sees the value in spreading crafting knowledge. They contribute to the free resources online, sharing cosplay-making guides on Youtube, and general sewing tips on Instagram. In addition to creating their own crafting-tutorials, they co-run the annual online Cosplay Tutorial Challenge, a contest that rewards other cosplayers for sharing their knowledge.