Robert Englund

Known For: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Stranger Things, Freddy Vs. Jason, Curses!, Natty Knocks

Appearances | Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th

Veteran character actor Robert Englund has appeared in over 75 feature films and starred in four TV series since 1973. In 1984 he achieved international fame as the iconic boogeyman Freddy Krueger in the hit franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street and its seven sequels. Englund has credits includes hundreds of hours of TV and films including Bones (2010), Hawaii 5-0 (2011), Criminal Minds (2012), Regular Show (2011-17), Fear Clinic (2009), The Last Showing (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) and most recently Curses! (2023) and Natty Knocks (2023)