Shannon Winton

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Shannon started her professional editing journey in 2014 when a publisher she did free critiques for dropped his pen after a session and told her, “You should get paid for this. In fact, you need to.” (Thanks again, Jason.) With over half a decade of critique experience before that and her love of all things literary—especially if something undead is chomping around the middle somewhere—it was the natural next step/ravenous lurch forward. Because of her love of lifting up both editors and authors, she’s an Editorial Freelancers Association Houston chapter co-coordinator, cofounder of Houston Independent Authors, and cofounder of Writers Lunch. Her specialties include working with fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and mystery indie authors; professional development for write-to-market authors; providing multi-service editing to small-to-medium-size presses; and continuity editing for larger universes and multi-author series. She loves new spins on old monsters and non-traditional protagonists, especially ones cis-gendered, straight men tend to think are antagonists. When not fighting zombie writing on the page, Shannon’s a kitty foster mom and spoils Sirius Lee Buddy, the world’s best dog.

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