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Countdown to Comicpalooza 2015!

Featured Guests

  • Raymond E. Feist Raymond E. Feist

    Raymond E. Feist is a New York Times

  • Corey Michael Smith Cory Michael Smith

    Cory Michael Smith currently plays Edward Nygma (aka the Riddler...

  • cameron monaghan Cameron Monaghan

    Cameron Monaghan has appeared in such hit films as

  • Sean Pertwee2 Sean Pertwee

    Gotham fans know Sean Pertwee as the steely...

  • Camren_Bicondova Camren Bicondova

    The multitalented Camren Bicondova is an actress, dancer and model...

  • logue 3 new Donal Logue

    Donal Logue currently portrays Detective Harvey Bullock on Gotham...

  • mercedes lackey Mercedes Lackey

    Mercedes "Misty" Lackey is famed for the Heralds of Valdemar...

  • larry dixon Larry Dixon

    Larry "the Gryphon King" Dixon is among the finest black...

  • Walter_Simonson Walt Simonson

    Walt Simonson is an award-winning superstar creator who's...

  • Louise_Simonson Louise Simonson

    Writer Louise Simonson's first brush with comics was as...

New Guest Additions

  • Raymond E. Feist Raymond E. Feist

    Raymond E. Feist is a New York Times

  • Mel House pic Mel House

    Ever since he saw A Nightmare on Elm Street...

  • Vehement Burn Vehement Burn

    Hailing from Houston, Texas, Vehement Burn was formed in late...

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