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General FAQ's

Autograph and Photo FAQ's


How do I buy an autograph/photo op?

Generally, you walk up to the guest's table and purchase an autograph. We strongly suggest you bring cash (most guests do not accept credit cards). For photo ops, you go to the photo op booth and make your purchase there.

How much do autographs/photo ops cost?

It varies from guest to guest, agent to agent. If the agent provides the cost ahead of time, it will be posted on our website. The rates can change at the last minute, or may not even be set by the agent until the guest arrives at the con. All prices will be posted at each guest's table.

How does pre-purchasing work, and what does it guarantee?

Pre-purchasing works by going online through the website and purchasing an item. It guarantees a professional photo op or autograph with that guest, unless the guest cancels. If that happens, you get that value refunded or transferred to another guest's autograph or professional photo-op. The transfer must be for the same type of purchase: professional photo ops for professional photo ops, autographs for autographs.

What comes with an autograph/photo-op purchase?

Most guests will have an assortment of 8 x 10 photos to choose from that are included in the price of the autograph. A few guests will sell 8 x 10's at their table at a price separate from their autograph fee. For photo ops, please see Epic Photo Ops website.

Can I pre-order my autograph/photo-op?

In some cases, yes. Please check our Autograph and Photo Op Prices page for details.

How can I pre-order an autograph/photo-op?

You can see which guests have autographs and photo ops available for pre-purchase by checking our Autograph and Photo Op page. Buttons on that page will take you to the appropriate pre-order pages.

Can I purchase an autograph/photo-op at the door?

You cannot purchase autographs or photo ops at Registration or Will Call. Some autographs and photo ops may be listed to purchase in the Autograph Area or other designated purchase locations on the convention floor.

Can I get an autograph if there is no pre-order on the website?

Yes. Autographs can be purchased during the con at the guest's table, unless otherwise stated on the website.

What does "Table Only" mean for autographs/photos?

The guest will autograph/have photo ops only at their table.

Will the guest accept credit cards for autographs?

We strongly suggest you bring cash; most guests do not accept credit cards

How can I get my autograph authenticated?

There will be professional authenticators with booths at the convention. You will need to go by their booths to get their requirements and fees.

Can I pay for an autograph and pick it up later?

No. We cannot be responsible for holding items.

What are the autograph/photo op schedules and prices?

The autograph and photo op schedules will be released close to the show. Autograph/photo op prices are available on our website. More prices will be added as we get them from our guests' agents.

Do I have to purchase a photo op to take a picture with a guest?

Some guests will allow table photos to be purchased at their table. If table photos are allowed, it will be posted at their table.

Are special requests allowed for photo ops?

All requests are subject to approval by the guest and/or the photographer.

How many people can be in a photo op?

Per the photographer's website, maximum of 4 individuals per Photo Op ticket (this limit does not apply to the Talent or children 3 years and younger).

Who is the company taking the official photo ops?

Epic Photo Ops.

Who do I contact about my digital photo op?

Epic Photo Ops. .

Will the guest be in costume?



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Exhibitor FAQs

Are booths still available in Artist's Alley? In the Dealer's Room?

Please check the Artist/Exhibitor registration page to see what is currently available for sale.

How much is an Artist's Alley booth? A Dealer's Room booth?

Please check the Artist/Exhibitor registration page to see booth prices.

Can you bill me for a booth?

Payment is due at the time of sign-up via the Exhibitor Registration page.

Do I need to register as a guest to get a booth in Artist's Alley?


Do you have a waiting list once Artist's Alley and/or the Dealer's Room have sold out?

Yes, the link will be on the Exhibitor registration page until the Waiting List is full. At that time, the link will be removed.

How can I verify that I have reserved a booth?

You will receive an email confirmation from GrowTix.

Do I need a Texas Sales Tax ID?

Yes, otherwise you will not be allowed to sell anything.

When do you need my Texas Sales Tax ID number?

Upon purchase of the booth or 30 days before the convention.

How can I provide my Sales Tax information?

It is a required question whenever you fill out the Exhibitor Registration form.

How do I cancel my booth?

Please contact with the subject line ATTN: Booth Cancel.

How do I request a refund?

Please email with the subject line ATTN: Booth Refund. Refunds are at the full discretion of the show. 

How do I correct information for my booth (wrong credit card, wrong address, etc)?

Please contact with the subject line ATTN: Booth Info Change.

How do I purchase additional badges? And how much are they?

Additional badges may be purchased via the Exhibitor Registration page. For Comicpalooza 2017, they are $30, and the cost is $40 at the door. 

I am having difficulty with registering for a booth. Who do I contact for assistance?

Please email with the subject line ATTN: Booth Purchase Help.

How do I verify that my purchase of a booth was successful?

You will receive an email confirmation from GrowTix.

Is there a different price for booths that are not selling any products?

No, please purchase a booth in an area you think is most appropriate for your booth. 

Who do I contact for questions about purchasing a booth in the Exhibit Hall?

Send email to with the subject line ATTN: Purchasing a Booth.

Do you offer discounts or early registration for artists and vendors who have attended Comicpalooza previously?


How do I request to be a vendor or have an artist table?

Purchase a booth via the Exhibitor Registration page.

Is there an information packet for vendors and prospective vendors?

The Exhibitor Packet will be e-mailed out to everyone who has purchased a booth. If you have specific questions that are not answered  this FAQ, please email us through our Contact Form and select "Artist or Dealer Booth" as the category of your question.

May I hand out fliers at my booth?

Yes, as long as you are legally allowed to hand out the fliers and the information on them pertains to your business.

My information is listed incorrectly on the website and/or app. How do I get it corrected?"

Please email with the subject line ATTN: Booth Info Change.

What are the booth configuration options for the Exhibit Hall?

Dealer booths can either be purchased in corners, inlines or super booths, which are 20' x 20' islands. All booths are 10' x 10' in size. If you would like a nonstandard size, please contact

What are the day and times of booth setup?

Info is listed in the Exhibitor packet. 

Are there booth locations or exhibitor options beyond the Artist's Alley and Dealer's Room? 

Not for general exhibitors or artists. There are two specialty areas: Indie Game Alley and the Maker's Area. Contact if you think you may qualify for Indie Game Alley. Contact if you think you may qualify for the Maker's Area.

Can we exchange product or advertising for booth space?


Do you provide complimentary Artist tables?


What is the difference between an Artist Alley booth and a Dealer's booth?

Artist Alley is for people who are selling original product they create. Dealer booths are for those who are reselling goods, such as board games, comic books, etc.

What items are prohibited from being sold in the Exhibit Hall (Artist's Alley or Dealer's Room)?

Please read our Weapons policy for more info. Who do I talk to about problems with show services (internet, electricity, extra charges, etc.)?

Please email the Operations department at


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Gaming FAQs

What are the hours for the game halls?

Friday: 10:00am – 12:30am

Saturday: 10:00am – 12:30am

Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm

How do I volunteer to GM?

Simply fill out our game submission form for each game you’d like to run. Note that you must create an account with GrowTix first, or log in to your existing GrowTix account.

How do I qualify for a free convention pass as a GM?

In order to qualify for a free weekend convention pass and t-shirt we require 2 things:

  1. We require that you make an account with GrowTix so that we can send you your ticket voucher.
  2. We require that you provide 70 “player hours” of entertainment to our guests, which for most GMs will equate to about 12 hours of their time.

If you only have one day available you can qualify for a free one-day badge by running 24 player hours of games, which for most GMs will equate to about 4 hours of their time. Single day GMs do not get a t-shirt.

An event generates a number of player hours equal to its duration multiplied by its maximum number of players. For example, a standard RPG slot with 6 people lasting 4 hours counts as 24 player hours. A GM would need to run at least 3 such games to qualify for a weekend pass, but only 1 such game for a one-day badge.

Tournaments calculate player hours using minimum play time instead of the overall event duration. For example, a 30 person tournament with a total duration of 10 hours might begin eliminating players after 2 hours of play. In that case, the player hours are 30 players x 2 hours = 60 players hours rather than 30 x 10 = 300.

Please contact us ( about your specific case if you have any questions as we can make exceptions if warranted.

What is the Indie Game Alley?

Comicpalooza’s Indie Game Alley (or IGA) is a showcase of Independent (“Indie”) game developers and companies along with their products. These booths are focused on games and grouped together for better exposure.  The program is split into IGA (tabletop) and eIGA (electronic gaming) booths, so please specify which area you prefer when applying.

What qualifies to participate in the IGA? 

Companies and developers wishing to participate in the IGA or eIGA must meet the following restrictions:

  1. Their product is not yet in major distribution.
  2. They have a valid Texas state sales tax ID and provide a copy of that number to Comicpalooza.
  3. They only sell their own products.
  4. The majority of the items being sold must be games or game related materials.

What does the IGA cost and what does it include?

The IGA and eIGA are priced to match the Artist Alley as they are essentially artist alley booths for gaming. 

The eIGA provides the following:

1) Two weekend passes to the convention
2) Two covered 8′ foot office tables
3) Pipe and drape behind the booth
4) $30.00 for each additional badge. Once you have registered you will be given instructions on how to order additional badges

The IGA provides the following:

1) Two weekend passes to the convention
2) Two covered 8′ foot office tables
3) Pipe and drape behind the booth
4) $30.00 for each additional badge. Once you have registered you will be given instructions on how to order additional badges

How do I purchase an IGA booth?

Simply contact to qualify. Qualified groups will be given a custom discount code to make their purchase.

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Programming FAQs

What are the guest schedules during the convention?

We strive hard to bring you our guest schedules before the convention. However, due to some guests’ arrangements, schedules may be subject to change. But, we do offer an app, available on the App Store and Google Play, and a web-based Schedule that has real-time updated information; therefore, if a guest schedule changes, you can be kept informed.

How can I sign up to host a panel?

While event submissions are open, you can submit an event on our Schedule Submission Form.

Who do I contact about my panel?

You can send any questions about your panels to

What equipment is available for my panel?

Panel rooms are often equipped with microphones and sound amps, and some have projectors. Due to cost and limited availability, specialized equipment is not provided.

How can I showcase my film?

You can submit your film by going to the Comicpalooza Film Festival page.

When will the films be shown?

The chosen films will be shown during the event itself.

Who do I contact about screening my film?

You can email our Film curator at

What programming is available for children?

We have a dedicated children’s area that will support its own specialized programming. 

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Registration FAQs

How much does a pass cost?

Ticket prices are online and on the Comicpalooza app.

How can I purchase a 3-Day badge?

Before the convention, all passes can be purchased online. During the convention, all passes can be purchased online or at the door.

What are your prices at the door?

The prices you see on the website to pre-purchase tickets are always less expensive than the at-the-door prices.

What is the difference between a pass, a badge, and a wrist-band?

Once you purchase a ticket online, you will receive an email confirmation code with which you can either print out your ticket or show your email from your phone or tablet to the volunteers at Will Call. They will scan your code in exchange for whatever you have purchased online.

What does my pass include?

It depends on the type of pass you purchased. 

Does the VIP pass include General Admission?

Yes, VIP passes are General Admission and more.

Can I buy a pass onsite?

Passes can be purchased on the actual days of the convention at the designated Registration location. They can be purchased online on those days as well.

Can I buy tickets for someone else?

Yes. Only general information is needed to purchase a ticket.

How do I pick up my badges?

Pre-ordered tickets can be picked up a few weeks before the convention at select locations that will be announced on the website and social media.

Pre-ordered tickets can be picked up at Will Call on any day of the convention.

Tickets can also be purchased at Registration on any day of the convention.

Can I pick up my friend's badge?

Anyone who has your ticket confirmation email/QR code may pick up your badge. Once it has been released, it is the attendee’s responsibility to distribute the badge appropriately.

Do I need a physical printout of my ticket?

No. While physical printouts are always taken, we can also scan a ticket QR code from your phone or tablet.

How can I verify my purchase?

When tickets are purchased online, a verification email should arrive at the email address used within 24 hours. If no email is received, please email, and we will verify your purchase.

Can I upgrade my pass?

Yes. If you already purchased a ticket you can easily upgrade by opening your Confirmation email, clicking to view your order online, and selecting one of the upgrade options. It's that easy! 

Can I change my 1-Day pass to a different day?

A person can change their current 1-Day pass to another 1-Day pass of equal or greater value, and pay the difference for the new pass.

Will you have themed VIP packages this year?

VIP passes are built around the guests and events we have planned, but may not have been announced yet. They will be available for purchase when guests are announced. Please follow us on our Comicpalooza Facebook page and other social media to stay up to date on all current guest announcements. Please see our Registration page to purchase VIP packages.

At what age do children need tickets?

Children 5 years old and under can enter free and do not require passes for entry. Children ages 6 to 12 must have a Kids pass purchased for them. Adult passes are sold to people ages 13 and up.

Are children allowed on the VIP pass?

Only children 5 and under can stay alongside their parents without a VIP pass. Children 6 or older must have a VIP pass to utilize VIP privileges such as panel room seating, VIP autograph lines, early entrance to Exhibit Halls, etc.

Are there badge discounts?

Pre-registration is always a cheaper option than buying passes on the actual days of the convention.

Is there a group rate for schools?

Please make school group inquiries through

Is there a student discount?

We do not have a student discount.

Can I re-enter the convention?

Yes, you may re-enter the convention areas as long as a badge, or a wristband for that day, is worn.

What is the refund policy?

Guest appearances are subject to change or cancel due to professional obligations. Please check the Comicpalooza website for the most current listings prior to the event. Refunds for admission products (such as weekend, 1-day and VIP passes) cannot be issued in the event of a guest cancellation. If a guest should cancel, all pre-sold autographs, and photo ops will be refunded in a timely manner.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Lost & Found will be at the Info Booth on all days of the convention.

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Volunteer FAQs

How can I volunteer at Comicpalooza?

Go to the Volunteer page to register at

Can I volunteer for a specific role?

Yes, a specific role can be requested when filling out the volunteer application. Simply check the box.

Where can I get my volunteer schedule?

Volunteer schedules will be available after volunteer submissions have ended in the volunteer portal. 

Will my application be accepted after the deadline?

No, we do not accept volunteers after the deadline has passed.

I have additional questions about volunteering.

Please send an email to for answers.



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